15 Best Marvel Games of All Time


From a little session with doctor The Hulk to swinging like Tarzan through Manhattan, we count the 15 best Marvel games.

15 – Captain America and the Avengers,


  • I like the Mega Drive (or Genesis) and this game is up there among my favourite games on the system, it’s a side scrolling beat ‘em up where you can play as Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye and the Vision.
  • I tended to play as Captain America just for the underwater shield spam which just looked ridiculous but in a way that was enjoyable.
  • Whether or not this game holds up is in contention but I’d argue that it does if you like the barely alive genre or if you’re a Marvel fan.

14 – The Punisher,


  • Brutal murder and torture is The Punisher’s name and game, but don’t worry you can focus the over-the-top violence on killing bad-guys for the most part and the graphics aren’t exactly real enough to make you feel a connection with the victims.
  • Parents who are watching this should be advised that this game is completely kid friendly as the sadistic slaughter fest of this game contains no nudity and next to no sexual content.
  • There’s not much else to say about this game, except maybe that if you like the movie and or comic books it’s a good fix for some punishing.

13 – Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage,


  • Oh boy, were in for some pixelated rock-em sock-em, web shooting action in the form of a beat ‘em up.
  • This isn’t the best beat ‘em up but it’s probably the best Marvel game of the genre, thanks to fast-paced fluid action and tight controls.
  • It has its downfalls in the form of some bugs, less than perfect animation/art and the last boss felt like you had to exploit the game mechanics more than a tool-assisted speed-runner playing Call of Duty online, but it’s great if you want to take down Carnage as Spidey or Venom.

12 – Deadpool,


  • Some people don’t like the comedic Deadpool and these people most definitely won’t like this game because it’s dripping 4th wall breaking humour of the ridiculous kind.
  • The combat isn’t the best, but I’d classify it as ‘serviceable’: nothing too special but nothing inherently wrong either.
  • The humour is also hit and miss, some of the jokes made me cringe and others made me almost fall out of my chair laughing, either way if you want a laugh this game should have high priority on you backlog.

11 – GTA IV with Iron Man IV Mod,


  • Now, if you’re anything like me you don’t play GTA for the gritty realism, you play it to create wondrous mayhem of the cataclysmic variety and this mod fulfils that role whilst also letting you play as Iron Man.
  • While I’m nowhere near a fanatic of Iron man, the first two movies are some of my favourite action flicks and after watching them I wanted to play a game based on the iconic hero, only to find that all of the official ones were meh at best.
  • This mod lets you fly around, destroy cars, shoot LASER beams and rockets like no tomorrow; my only real issue is that, at least as far as I could tell, you can’t just fall to the ground during flight.


  • Epic (54%)
  • Wat (15%)
  • Creepy (15%)
  • Lewd (8%)
  • No (8%)

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