15 Best Video Game Glitches of All Time


From exploring the wonders of space by force to fountains of cuteness we count 15 of the greatest glitches to have broken our games.

15 – Minecraft,


  • This game sold for over two billion dollars, it’s a solid reminder that you don’t need excellent coding or graphics to make a beloved game; all you need is an interesting idea and a shit-load of luck.
  • This glitch occurs thanks to the cat’s teleporting ability and if you do it right you can have a never ending fountain of cute balls of fluff and blocks.
  • If you find this glitch hypnotic just know you’re not the only one, as I myself have watched this clip over and over because I really don’t know how to stop.

14 – Bloodborne,

  • Bloodborne is a fantastic game with an assortment of technical issues holding it back, such as long loading screens, low framerates, quests rendered incomplete-able because of a glitch but this glitch is one that should remain in the game just because of its comedic value.
  • This witch would like to excuse herself because her planet needs her, either that or she’s possessed by the eternal spirit of Thor, the god of thunder and needs to return to Valhalla to slap Loki around for a bit.

13 – FIFA 12,

  • FIFA is one of the most popular series worldwide, with soccer fans all over the world rushing to buy the game each year it comes out; it’s even popular with those that generally don’t like video games.
  • However, the games aren’t without hilarious faults, this one in particular never fails to amuse me and anyone that watches it, I mean who doesn’t love seeing two players express their love for soccer and for each other.

12 – Fallout: New Vegas,


  • The best way to describe Fallout: New Vegas is ‘an RPG western set in a post-apocalyptic wast land with a ‘50s aesthetic that also happens to be filled with bugs’ but the bugs in New Vegas aren’t just giant tarantula hawks that give you no end of grief, there’s also the game breaking kind.
  • Private Ackerman may be glad that he’s still alive, but I’m not sure if becoming one of the headless undead really counts as belonging to the world of the living.
  • I’m not sure what’s funnier, the fact that this glitch exists or the fact that it has occurred multiple times and in comedic situations.

11 – FIFA 13,


  • I wanted to just have one game series per glitch but FIFA has some tremendous glitches and to only show one would be a genuine shame; also they fit together so well that I couldn’t resist putting it in.
  • I mean goddamn just look at this, how can you look at this glitch and tell me it isn’t a true piece of art, the awkward humping, the failed attempts to struggle out of the way of green-man’s pelvic thrusts, this gif should be displayed in the Louvre in place of the Mona Lisa.


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