15 Best Video Game Glitches of All Time


10 – Grand Theft Auto V,

  • GTA is a series well known for its wacky satire on society, violent crimes and sandbox environments; it’s also well known for the developers to not give a single flying fuck about any negative reactions towards the brutal violence found in their games.
  • Well this glitch replicates true life in an amazing way, the two characters arguing with bullets hitting them and causing blood to spurt out of their necks, backs and chests just unintentionally shows how the violence in GTA really isn’t meant to be taken seriously.

09 – LA Noire,


  • Rockstar games are always full of entertaining mishaps and glitches and LA Noire is no exception despite its serious nature and more realistic and gritty themes.
  • So have you ever had issues hiding your ability to fly? This guy seems to have none of which as he carefully descends when no one’s looking, as far as the other two know he simply walked up to the couch and flopped on the cushion.

08 – Saint’s Row 4,


  • One of the most ridiculous games of all time, it started as a simple GTA clone and evolved into a game in which you play as the president of the United States with super powers in a simulation of a simulation.
  • Every lady wants a specific body type, the most common of which is the hourglass figure, but this lady destroys your stereo types with the unknown curly bracket shape and god damn does she pull it off; I mean look at her, isn’t she gorgeous?

07 – Skate,


  • It seems I have an affinity for games that have glitches that launch you into the stratosphere, either that or when I went looking for glitches I was naturally drawn to the pseudo-fliers.
  • This man gets the karma he deserves, I mean why would you go up to someone minding his own business and smack him with your skateboard? Clearly the developers put this in the game on purpose as a feature to punish the sinners.

06 – Heavy Rain,

  • This game is really just interactive fiction, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth playing, just bear in mind that there’s a bunch of quick time events and the game will more than likely depress you in one way or another.
  • That is, unless you come across this glitch that I like to call ‘Press X to Shaun! Shaun! Shaun!’ and so on and so forth.
  • If you do come across Press X to Shaun at this pivotal point in the game be prepared for the entire game to lose meaning thanks to all the laughing that you’ll do.


  • Lewd (34%)
  • Epic (29%)
  • Wat (21%)
  • No (9%)
  • Creepy (8%)