15 Biggest Ripoffs You’re Still Paying For


From books marked up to well over their physical value to expensive food you buy simply because you’re too lazy to walk down the street, we count 15 money sinks found everyday consuming pieces of your wallet for no reason

15 – All You Can Eat Buffets,


  • A lot of people will contest this isn’t a rip-off, that they do very much enjoy the luxury of being able to eat as much as they want
  • But here’s a reality check – you’re paying for that peace of mind, not the actual food which, unless you’ve been starving yourself out on the open sea for over a month, you’ll generally consume about a standard restaurant dish – but you’re now paying twice or three times as much
  • Bear in mind this is just an average statistic, and of course there’ll be exceptions from time to time, but most people waste their money on this instead of just buying a standard meal

14 – School Textbooks,


  • This mostly applies to high school and above, an issue becoming less dire with each passing year – textbooks required for class with more than a 500% markup of price
  • If you don’t buy the book, you’ll fail the class, and you can’t use the previous years edition because it’s now out-of-date – even used books have one-time use access codes that render them crippled at the end of the semester
  • This daylight robbery hasn’t gone unnoticed by governments, a lot of them making the transition to ebooks and internet-based information to save families on unnecessary costs

13 – Funeral,


  • This is one nobody likes to talk about, but it’s very important that you do since funeral bills cause heart attacks all on their own
  • The average funeral cost can range from anywhere between $5000 to $15,000 simply for a hole to put them in, a granite plaque and a quick limousine ride for your family
  • A lot of the things you pay for you can actually do yourself, like have a charity collection for flowers, organise a carpool, have the memorial at home instead – you’ll save thousands

12 – Budget Flights,


  • You might look at something like EasyJet or Jetstar if you need to get overseas but can’t afford the hefty costs involved, but it’s not as cheap as you think
  • When you factor in the extra costs involved, luggage processing fees, pre-paid food, credit card percentage fees, it slowly climbs back up to a proper airline price
  • Of course, most budget airlines aren’t so bad in terms of service, but you WILL get what you paid for

11 – Premium Petrol,


  • A common misconception that putting this “higher quality” fuel in your car will clean out the engine and make it run better
  • In reality, certain parts in your car may or may not need them for mechanical reasons, and if so then it’ll have it clearly labelled next to your fuel cap as well as inside your owner’s manual
  • If you don’t have these parts, then there is absolutely no point putting premium fuel in your car, you’re just pouring money down the drain for no reason whatsoever


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One thought on “15 Biggest Ripoffs You’re Still Paying For

  1. You’ve pretty much explained why I:
    (1) Buy refurbished laser printer toners. (Half the price compared to originals)
    (2) Don’t buy Lotto.
    (3) Don’t buy new textbooks.
    (4) Don’t have gym membership.
    (5) Don’t buy bottled water.
    (6) Don’t fly budget airlines.

    One notable thing about the the bottled water. In Australia, Coca-Cola Amatil took full advantage of the fear caused by the 1998 Sydney water crisis…
    => http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1998_Sydney_water_crisis

    Coca-Cola Amatil owns Mount Franklin…Today, its the most popular bottled water brand in Australia.

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