15 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in the World


From hieroglyphs indecipherable even today to stories of hikers found dead in unexplainable positions, we count 15 mysteries that have yet to been solved or even understood.

15 – Voynich Manuscript,


  • A book created in the early 1400s that is almost entirely composed of a language never before seen and never deciphered since
  • It comes with an array of colourful drawings of strange plant-like creatures and celestial diagrams, but the contents remain elusive with some theorising it might’ve been a book on early medieval medicine
  • However, due to the amount of star charts, some propose the book to have alien origins, whereas others believe it was a hoax which seems unlikely since the money and complexity required would’ve been unbelievably high
  • You can find the pages floating around on the internet, but so far nobody has had much luck

14 – Green Children,


  • A pair of brother and sister that appeared in the UK around the 12th century, in which they turned up in a small village with completely green skin, speaking an indecipherable language and refusing to eat anything but bean pods
  • After a while they learned English and their skin lost its green tinge, claiming they’d followed a river of light, heard the sound of bells and then woke up outside the town of Woolpit
  • Theories claim the children to be of the fabled Hollow Earth, a parallel dimension or extraterrestrial abduction

13 – Rongorongo,

The moais at Ahu Akivi. These are special as they actually look

  • An island off the southeastern Pacific Ocean housing the Rapa Nui people who lived over a 1,000 miles with no influence from outside society
  • They carved a number of these large Moai head sculptures, but they also left behind a series of wooden glyph tablets with an indecipherable language – because of their isolation, it is known to be one of the only independently formed written languages ever witnessed
  • The Easter Island mysteries are numerous, and these are just a couple of examples

12 – Dyatlov Pass,


  • This is a Russian story from a mountain known to the locals as “dead mountain”, in which 10 people attempted to scale it using a dangerous route
  • They’d taken a wrong turn and wound up lost, and when a search team went out to look for them all that turned up were broken tents filled with supplies, campers cutting THROUGH their tent from the inside and bolting into the night
  • The search came across a few bodies, for some reason only dressed in underwear and socks, one even attempting to climb a tree
  • The rest were found in a ditch, dressed in the dead mens clothes, fractured skulls and one with a missing tongue
  • Nobody could ever explain what happened here

11 – The Immortal Count,


  • A man that kept showing up in history, known to consort with some of Europe’s most famous figures like Casanova, Voltaire, King Lous XV and George Washington
  • Some say he was born in the early 1700s, always turning up to set up an alchemy laboratory – he speaks 12 languages, can play the violin, paint, great wealth, never eating in public and usually sold recipes to remove wrinkles or dye hair
  • He’s been seen even up to the 21st century, always associated with secret societies like the Freemasons and Illuminati
  • It’s certainly possible mankind might’ve discovered the key to immortality, and even likely they’d keep the secret to themselves simply not to incite chaos


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