15 Bizarre and Awesome Halloween Candy


From delicious hair of the werewolf to blood bags filled with sugary goo, we count 15 of the funnest, most awesome pieces of Halloween candy ever prepared by crazy companies and websites

15 – Insect Candy


  • So you might look at these and think, hey, a bunch of plastic insect toys embedded in a lollipop
  • Well, hotlix.com process real insects and dip them in candy – yes, they’re real, live insects frozen in time, ready to be eaten with a crunchy, delicious taste
  • You can get ants, crickets, worms and scorpions in your lollipop, although the scorpions are more expensive since they’re usually reluctant to become food

14 – Brain-Flavoured Zombie Mints


  • These are made specifically for zombies, but regular people can eat them too
  • The official website mcphee.com suggests eating these to make your breath autopsy-fresh in case you need to disguise yourself in a zombie-packed street
  • They also come in Cthulu flavour, although those will just drive you insane

13 – Blue Cheese Lollipop


  • This one started out as a joke, blue cheese on a stick, and then somehow it took off and became an actual thing
  • The company that designed it, Lollyphile, they’re been experimenting with lollipop flavours like breast milk and absinthe, and this was their latest attempt at candy that makes no sense

12 – Gumball Eyes


  • A ton of bloodied up suckable eyeballs perfect for strewing around any Halloween candy table, and they’re filled with fat-free liquid cherry candy
  • Course, they taste just like any other gumball so don’t expect the familiar delicious taste of real eyeball juice inside – for that you’ll need a dark alleyway and some sharp cleavers

11 – Death Mints


  • Amazing simply for the case alone, it is, according to the website, the preferred mint of choice for vampires, corpses and zombies – and it comes with 100 mints similar to the brain-flavoured one
  • According to reviews it takes about 5 of them to get you fresh breath, but since the case is so cool you can store proper mints in there AND NOBODY WILL KNOW THE DIFFERENCE


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