15 Bizarre Animals That Actually Exist


From hand-faced moles to amphibians shaped like genitalia, we count 15 of the weirdest and bizarre animals ever to roam in the depths of Planet Earth.

15 – Snakefish


  • It’s exactly what it sounds like – a carnivorous ocean death-machine known for consuming all other fish in a lake or pond, including its own children. Yeah.
  • It can hop out of the water and slither around for days at a time to find new ponds to massacre, eating small land animals along the way – and they’ve even been known to attack people
  • It’s not indestructible though, they’re consumed by crocs and alligators quite often, though luckily they’ve been prohibited from getting introduced to a number of states and countries, including Australia

14 – Komondor Dog


  • This one is bizarre because of its long, thick corded coat resembling dreadlocks or a giant walking mop
  • It’s actually a danger to itself since the cords get tangled so easily, and they grow in length as they get older so human help is needed to ensure the dog doesn’t turn into one impossibly tangled mat of fur
  • They usually grow to around 30 inches in height, and they’re a lot more agile than you might think

13 – Blue Bird-of-Paradise


  • This is the Slenderman of the animal kingdom – a bird with a peculiar courtship display of 2 blue dots above a long strip in a wide black oval
  • It was discovered in 1884 and since then habitat loss and hunting has turned it into a vulnerable species, but not endangered
  • You’ll find them in Papua New Guinea, standing behind trees watching small children

12 – Angora Rabbit


  • This along with the Angora cat and Angora goat were breeds domesticated in Ankara, Turkey
  • They were popular pets for French Royalty in the mid 1700s and by present day they’ve spread all over the world
  • Nowadays people breed them for their long, long wool that can be removed via shearing or plucking

11 – Penis Snake


  • Or known by its scientific name Atretochoana, it’s a large aquatic amphibian with a broad flat head and a fleshy dorsal fin
  • Only two preserved specimens were found until 2011, when live samples were discovered in Brazil
  • This beast shaped like a wang is the largest tetrapod to lack lungs, but it’s theoretical vaginal counterpart has yet to be discovered


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