15 Bizarre Animals That Actually Exist


10 – Pink Fairy Armadillo


  • These are the smallest species of armadillo found in central Argentina, usually around dry grasslands and sandy plains – thorn bushes and cacti
  • It’s hard to find them though since they bury underground within seconds if they get frightened and won’t come back up until all is clear
  • Not to mention its nocturnal and so long as it can bury itself near an ant colony, it can happily sit there for quite a while feeding on ants, worms, snails and anything else that might come near

9 – Star-Nosed Mole


  • This is like something from another world – a mole with what looks like two fleshy hands for a face
  • Over the years researchers hypothesized whether they actually WERE used as hands for grasping prey or picking things up, or if it were an exposed organ used like a bats sonar
  • It turns out though that it’s a collection of 25,000 sensory receptors used by the mole to feel its way around environments

8 – Proboscis Monkey


  • One of the more popular species of monkey from the south-east Asian island of Borneo, easily recognisable because of its outrageous nose
  • It’s believed the nose may be selected as a sexual trait since female monkeys generally prefer the males who have a bigger nose
  • Unfortunately it’s assessed as an endangered species with a population decrease of 50% in the last half a century

7 – Cassowary

Male Cassowary & Chicks

  • Also known as the Australian Velociraptor, it’s known worldwide as the deadliest bird on Earth and only one of two birds known to cause death to humans by physical assault
  • They’re more deadly than a crocodile and their giant claws can tear the organs from your body in a matter of seconds
  • The reason they attack is because they have a large territory to protect, miles in diameter, and they perceive a lot of creatures as threats – and given the track record of human beings in terms of animal extinction, it’s well a warranted response

6 – Ground Sloth


  • This one is technically cheating since they went extinct between 12 and 6 thousand years ago, but they’re interesting nonetheless and their relatives the tree sloth are still around today
  • The megatherium sloth was known as one of the biggest land mammals, near the size of an elephant or mammoth and up to 4 tons in weight
  • While the ground sloth was a herbivore that stripped away trees with its massive claws, it’s been suggested that perhaps it indulged in carnivorous activities from time to time, but it’s never been proven
  • Getting chased by one of these would’ve been like getting attacked by the world’s biggest bear


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