15 Bizarre Animals That Actually Exist


5 – Axoltl


  • These ones are odd, a type of salamander that never undergo metamorphosis, so they remain aquatic and gilled for their whole lives
  • They’re also of interest because of their ability to regenerate most body parts, how easy it is for them to breed and how large their embryos are
  • Because of their appearance, they’re usually kept as pets all over the world: the United States, UK, Australia and Japan to name a few

4 – Goblin Shark


  • A type of deep-sea shark that, despite its ferocious & ungodly appearance, lies too far down in the ocean to pose any danger to humans
  • Only a few have ever been seen, and those that were rescued alive died very shortly after captivity
  • In 2003 there was a massive earthquake in north-western Taiwan and hundreds were caught – though captures since then have remained scant

3 – Aye-aye


  • This little creature is known to the Malagasy people as a harbinger of misfortune, a plague upon villages and therefore must be killed on sight to prevent bad luck
  • In reality though, the aye-ayes are nocturnal primates about 16 inches in diameter with large beady eyes and spoon-like ears – as well as the traditional 5 fingered monkey claw

2 – Yeti Crab

The "Yeti crab," Kiwa hirsuta

  • A crustacean first discovered in 2005 along the South Pacific Ocean with a silky blond fur-like material covering its legs, all the way up to the claws
  • It was found deep in the ocean hanging around hydrothermal vents, and because of this its eyes have developed a lack of pigment – a possibility it might be blind
  • The pincers themselves contain a bacteria that can detoxify poisonous materials emitted by the vents, and it eats algae and shrimp

1 – Saiga Antelope


  • Once thought to be extinct before it was rediscovered, this is a living fossil from the days of the sabre-toothed tiger and woolly mammoth 250,000 years ago
  • Over the years poaching have reduced their numbers by 95% in 15 years and it’s only in the last 5 years or so that we’ve started trying to save their species – which has been largely successful, but they’re still considered critically endangered









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