15 Bizarre Mugshots


From bizarre facial hair to a woman in a wedding dress, we count fifteen of the most outrageous mugshots ever taken!

15 – Facial Hair,


  • Some facial hair is downright criminal.
  • If you need an example, check out the bizarre half-shaved beards. Most people would be too embarrassed to step outside like this, but these law-breakers were happy to have their experimental new look immortalised in a mugshot.
  • Apparently they were busted for DUIs, but it looks more like they’ve been shaving under the influence. My advice? Put down the shaving cream and step away slowly…

14 – Buckteeth,


  • Some people are terrified of a trip to the dentist, but, look, unless you want to end up looking like forty-nine-year-old Alan here I’d say it’s worth the effort.
  • Alan Dale Lee has been arrested multiple times for possessing and selling drugs. He’s a bit of a celebrity among Florida They know him by the nickname ‘Dracula’.
  • As you can see, Alan has one of those face-melting smiles that only a mother could love… I’m sure he’s beautiful on the inside.

13 – Paint Huffers,


  • It might seem harmless, but huffing paint fumes is actually very dangerous – and super illegal.
  • It’s a sure-fire way to kill brain cells, and judging by their mugshots these guys need every last one…
  • So unless you really enjoy looking like you play the Tin Man in a high school production of Wizard of Oz, forget inhaling paint fumes. Stick to healthier addictions, like exercise.

12 – Crazy Eyes,


  • They say the eyes are a window into a person’s soul, but in the case of these crazy-eyed mugshots it seems more like a window into their insanity!
  • But don’t worry. Their fellow inmates will be fine – just so long as they don’t make direct eye contact or any sudden movements…

11 – Tammy Lee Hinton,


  • A wedding is one of the most memorable days in a person’s life. But for Tammy Lee Hinton this wasn’t for the usual reasons.
  • In a case of extremely poor timing, the newlywed Michigan woman was arrested on identity theft charges moments after exchanging her wedding vowels!
  • Port Richey police dramatically stormed the City of Zion Ministries church and apprehended Tammy after they received a tip-off that she was back in the country. She was eventually released on bond, but only after these amazing wedding dress and veil mugshots.


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  • Epic (26%)
  • Creepy (17%)
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