15 Bizarre Things People Did With Corpses


From stealing Einstein’s most precious possession to marriage that goes beyond death, we count 15 of the most bizarre ways people have used a corpse.

This will contain real images of dead people, or at least parts of them, as well as some pretty gruesome tales, so if you don’t want to see or hear that sort of thing, you’ve definitely clicked on the wrong place.


15 – Stealing From Einstein,


  • Albert Einstein is easily the most famous scientist in modern history, during his time he was also highly esteemed for his amazing breakthroughs in science, but he knew this would cause a problem.
  • He knew that if he didn’t specify otherwise, people would study his brain when he died, so he left specific instructions for it to be burnt when he died.
  • The person in charge of his cremation ignored this remark, lied about it and said he wanted this to happen and studied the crap out of his brain, but as Einstein predicted the physicality of his brain wasn’t even that special, relatively speaking of course.

14 – Shrunken Heads,


  • Headhunting has been a pretty common practice for quite a while now, not only in tribal colonies, but also with the Vikings, but only the Jivaroan tribes from Amazon actually partake in the act of shrinking their victim’s heads.
  • The shrinking is done by removing the skull, putting seeds in the eyes and sewing and pinning the eyes and ears, then they boil it in tannin rich water, dry it out with hot rocks and sand and then rubbing with charcoal ash.
  • The reason they put the charcoal on it is to prevent the soul of their victim from escaping, which regardless of your beliefs is a pretty fucked up thing to want to do.

13 – Launched into Space,


  • Now I don’t know about you, but getting a burial by launching your remains into space sounds pretty cool, I don’t even consider the act to be that bizarre and maybe that makes me weird, but I digress.
  • The strange thing that NASA did with corpses, or ‘cadavers’ is to use them to figuratively crash test their in development rocket designed to explore space, the people who used to own the corpses donated their bodies to science, so it’s all legal and stuff.
  • They also used some mannequins along-side the corpses and the test flight ended successfully after orbiting the Earth twice.

12 – Eat a Brick,


  • The plague was a pretty big deal in the middle-ages, as was the fear of the unknown and scientific knowledge wasn’t exactly great so people tended to be pretty superstitious, to put it extremely lightly.
  • Long story short, some Italian researchers found what they believed the ancient venetians believed to be a vampire amongst a huge amount of plague victims.
  • When you think of making a vampire stay dead, you think of a stake through the heart, but this predates modern vampirism, instead they believed that you needed to remove the ‘shroud’ AKA bacteria that caused mouth bleeding beyond death, and shove a brick in its mouth to stop it from rising again.

11 – Cups and Tools,


  • Not everyone makes a big deal about death, especially not for some of those with a strong belief that there’s something beyond the grave; this is especially true of the Teotihuacanos of ancient Mexico who just buried their families under and around their house.
  • That’s not all, they also used any adult bones that could be useful in making tools and utensils, that’s right, they used their dead loved ones for spatulas, that’s not a random utensil I picked out of my draw, it’s one of the types of utensils found in Teotihuacan.
  • Then there’s also the infamous skull cups, which was a pretty common thing to do in warlike cultures like the Vikings, even the infamous BlackBeard was apparently turned into a bone and silver goblet, if you believe the tales.
  • Even if you don’t there’s totally some real skull cups out there you can see in certain museums.

10 – Paranormal Mishap,


  • There has yet to be any solid proof of an alien, there’s been plenty different attempts at proving or justifying their existence through science and many more attempts of looking for them among us as part of a conspiracy or just wishful/fearful thinking.
  • Well one group claimed they had found the proof of your classic grey alien everyone had been looking for, they made a big ruckus about it and charged people admittance to see it in person or to see it online.
  • But before the reveal took place Tony Braglia, a big part of the event, issued an apology saying that it turns out it was the mummified-corpse of a Native-American child who died a long time ago, claiming that he was duped and that he felt bad about the whole thing.

9 – False Mummy,


  • A mummy of a Persian princess turned up in Pakistan during a police raid in the year 2000, this sparked up a huge amount of publicity and the archaeological community got excited about the first ever Persian mummy.
  • The finders told everyone that she was over 2,600 years old, her body was dressed in gold, there was an inscription saying her and her father’s names and she was prepared in the same way as the Egyptians.
  • Eventually some inconsistencies turned up, like grammatical errors and irregularities in how she was mummified.
  • They eventually found out that she was just a girl that had died in the recent past, from the looks of it her death wasn’t natural as she had a broken neck.

8 – Exhibition,


  • Taxidermy is when you take the skin of an animal and stretch it over a cast in order to make it look alive, of course you add some glass eyes and pretty it up a bit, but the general idea is that it looks like the animal.
  • Well this doesn’t work quite so well with humans, but there’s another technique called plastination, made by Gunther von Hagens, where the liquids in the body are carefully replaced with plastics, this doesn’t work with the skin on, but it does wonders for showing off the anatomy of the corpse.
  • Well there’s an entire exhibit called Body Worlds that displays 25 different plastinated corpses in educational ways, sometimes showing the effects of diseases, other times showing off the process of aging, this of course caused absolutely no controversy whatsoever with anyone, anywhere, anytime.


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