15 Creepiest Things A Child Has Ever Said


From imaginary friends resembling people who had died, to an infant that speaks of a fireplace where dead babies go, we count 15 of the creepiest things little kids have ever said to parents and babysitters

15 – Braids,


  • A person walking around their aunt’s house when they spotted their 4 year old cousin April sitting on the stairs pulling funny faces
  • When asked, April mentioned she was copying the lady with the braid, pointing towards a bean running parallel to the stairs, pulling invisible faces
  • April claimed the invisible woman’s braids were around her neck for some reason, hanging by her braid
  • The funny faces April seemed to be copying were like someone gasping for air

14 – Joe (matthewo),


  • A father who had a best friend named Joe that committed suicide – Joe’s wife called the father blaming herself for Joe’s death
  • The dad consoled her and reminded her that Joe loved her very much and that she was surely not to blame – he hung up the phone and checked on his kids who were fast asleep
  • He went back downstairs only to come back up and find his son Matty awake, silently weeping on the side of his bed
  • When the dad asks what’s wrong, his son replies “Rick, it’s not her fault. I love her. It’s not her fault” – then rolls back onto the bed fast asleep
  • The father was terrified

13 – Captain,

fish hook man

  • A mother to a 7 year old child that claims her son had an invisible friend known as “The Captain”, an old man with a long beard
  • The kid told his mum that the captain informed him when he grows up, his job will be to kill people, and that the captain would tell him exactly who it was that should be murdered
  • The kid cried, saying he didn’t want to kill when he grew up, but that the captain said he didn’t have a choice and, even worse, he’d get used to all the killing after a while

12 – Dead Babies (PersonMcNugget),


  • A man and his wife who bought an old house in Western Canada, one time renovating their basement when their friend came around to visit
  • This friend was alone with their 2 year old son, who was barely old enough to talk let alone understand what he was saying, when the kid took his hand and led him over to the chimney, to which he looked up and said clearly and fluently, “That’s where the dead babies go”
  • There was nobody that would have told him that, no older kids to say it as a joke – this 2 year old kid just said it out of the blue

11 – Dead Cop,


  • A person’s 4 year old niece who would blame things she did on an imaginary friend, as well as watch scooby doo with her
  • When asked, the niece explained her mysterious friend was dead, and that she was a police officer like her father – first meeting her when she was inside her mother’s belly before being born
  • A few months before that time, a policewoman named Tracy had been hit by a train in a town right next to the one she happened to be in – and before she died, she was heavy into scooby doo


  • Creepy (60%)
  • Wat (17%)
  • Epic (11%)
  • No (7%)
  • Lewd (6%)