15 Creepiest Video Game Easter Eggs


• From ghosts in non-horror games to backstories that wouldn’t look out of place in a horror movie, we count the fifteen creepiest Easter eggs found in video games.

15 – Pokémon X & Y – The Mysterious Lumiose Ghost Girl,


  • Pokémon has many stories of ghosts and haunted cartridges on the internet, but they’re almost all entirely fiction, however this Easter egg is very real and very creepy.
  • If you go to the second floor in one of the buildings in Lumiose city the music stops, the lights turn on and off and a girl with the same sprite as a hex maniac floats past you and says ‘No, you’re not the one.’
  • Players have discussed and theorised what the purpose behind the ghost girl is, but when a Kotaku writer asked the producer of the game he said ‘We didn’t put anything like that in the game.’

14 – Super Mario Galaxy 2 – The Aliens that Watch,

maxresdefault (1)

  • Once you reach Shiverburn Galaxy there are pits of lava and all-consuming black holes throughout the level, but that’s not the creepy part.
  • If you look on top of the cliffs that make up the background you can see aliens watching you, they don’t move and they’re only silhouettes but they never stop watching.
  • To make matters worse, once you look at the games’ files and find the assets for the aliens the file name is ‘HellValleySkyTree’.

13 – Bit Trip Runner 2 – White face, long arms,


  • A fun casual game in which you platform to the beat of music has a disturbing visitor, or rather, stalker throughout the forest level.
  • Of course, generally you’re going too fast to notice the paranormal entity best known as slender man that follows you throughout the level.
  • But try not to look too closely, you never know what might happen.

12 – Xbox Original Dashboard Sounds,


  • The first Xbox (not to be confused with the Xbox One) was released with moderate success, mostly thanks to its flagship title, Halo: Combat Evolved.
  • However, this Easter egg isn’t found in any game and is instead found when you leave your Xbox on for an extended period of time.
  • Once you do this you’ll hear distorted voices that no one can quite make out, but there’s multiple people that say that one of the voices sounds a lot like ‘I own your soul’.

11 – Hitman: Contracts – The Ghost in the Mirror,


  • Hitman: Contracts is the third instalment of the Hitman series and it has a dark visitor hiding in a hotel.
  • In the mission ‘Traditions of the Trade’ if you pick the lock to an out of the way room you’ll find a murder scene with police tape and blood splattered throughout the room.
  • Then, if you go into the bathroom, you’ll see an apparition in the mirror; once you turn around he’ll have left the mirror and entered into the game.


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