15 Dead People Who Came Back To Life


From people waking up at their own funeral to others trapped in a morgue freezer after getting pronounced dead, we count 15 crazy cases of clinically dead people somehow rising back from the grave

15 – Hamdi Hafez al-Nubi,


  • A 28-year-old waiter from Egypt who suffered a heart attack while working, and promptly declared dead
  • As his death certificate was being written, the doctor noticed his body was still warm and, after checking his vital signs, realised he’d been clinging to life
  • He was then revived and his mother, who was in early mourning, fainted upon hearing he was still alive
  • The funeral was quickly turned into a celebration at the miraculous resurrection

14 – Lyudmila Steblitskaya,


  • This woman has died several times, and on no less than 2 occasions she was moments from getting cut open for the autopsy before she sprung back to life
  • And one time she even spent 3 days lying in a freezing cold morgue before doctors realised she was still alive
  • In fact she was so cold that her skin had begun to peel off, and her family had organised an expensive funeral which went to waste
  • She’s had a history of heart problems and only 2 years ago she ended up dead again, only to be revived hours later

13 – Marjorjie McCall,


  • An old Irish story that changes details with each retelling, but believed to have been based on 18th century fact
  • It goes that a rich woman called Marjorie died from a fever, and her husband tried to take off her golden wedding ring but her finger was too swollen
  • She was hastily buried in the nearby cemetary, but some grave robbers came to unbury her and take off the ring, which they planned to cut off with her finger
  • Mid-cut, she awoke and screamed, still alive, scaring off the robbers – she then ran back to her husband all creepy, covered in dirt and blood, scaring him so much that he dropped dead on the spot – and he was then buried in her shallow grave

12 – Kelvin Santos,


  • A two year old child that died of pneumonia – but just before his funeral was about to begin, he sat up in the open coffin and asked “Daddy, can I have some water?”
  • Everyone present started screaming and making a fuss, and both parents thought it was a miracle, but then he laid back down and stopped breathing again
  • The family filed for medical malpractice, but they never could revive poor Kelvin

11 – A Man from Johannesburg,


  • It was July 2011 when an 80 year old man was hauled into a morgue and placed in one of the freezers
  • Not even 24 hours later, the morgue’s owner, Ayanda Maqolo, heard screaming coming from the fridges – he actually thought it was a ghost come to attack him, so he called police to come and handle it for him
  • The frozen man was thawed and sent to a hospital, making a full recovery – well, as recovered as you can be frozen, left for dead and then rescued by armed police officers


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  1. A note about Anne Green – the bastard child was pre-mature and never lived, though she was /accused/ of murdering it. She hid it with the plans to bury it the next day, too weak to do it at the time. The father was the heir to a manor, and when the head of the house found out, he blamed Anne for being a liar. Having political ties and wanting to protect his heir (who was bound to be married to another woman) he rigged the court process so that Anne would be convicted. She was then given to doctors to cut open for dissection, but instead, they found signs of life in her and nursed her back to health.

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