15 Deadliest Food In Your Kitchen You May Not Know About


From raw dough containing killer ingredients to cooked fish that’ll turn you into a gibbering idiot, we count 15 quite harmful foods you’re gonna find all over your house and kitchen.

15 – Microwave Popcorn,


  • This only applies to the kind that comes pre-packaged and thrown into the microwave to let pop into an inflated state
  • Research shows the chemical used in certain types of these popcorn bags is linked to an increased risk of cancer, infertility and disease in lab animals
  • It’s highly recommended you instead make your own bag of popcorn – it’s relatively easy, only takes around 5 minutes and won’t kill you, unless you happen to choke to death on a popcorn
  • That would be a shame

14 – Potatoes,


  • These things contain a natural toxin called Glycoalkaloids found in the leaves, sprouts and stems – and if allowed to build up over time, is potentially fatal
  • If you eat just 2 milligrams per kilo of your body weight in this stuff, you’ll get cramps, diarrhea and headaches
  • Eat between 3 and 6 milligrams and prepare for coma or death
  • Avoid potatoes with a greenish tinge wherever possible

13 – Apples,

Apples-Turmeric ans Saffron

  • There’s the old saying, “an apple a day helps keep the doctor away”, but there’s an even older saying, “don’t eat things that contain pesticide”
  • Most mainstream apples are loaded with pesticide unless you buy organically-grown apples, and the apple seed themselves contain a compound which breaks down into cyanide
  • Of course, you’d need to eat dozens of apples, chew and digest all the seeds all in one afternoon before it does you any harm
  • So unless you, the viewer, are in fact, a horse – you should be safe

12 – Coffee,


  • There’s a variety of problems associated with coffee, including the story of the old woman from McDonalds who spilled her coffee and suffered third-degree burns over 6% of her body
  • If you have a heart rate problem or trouble sleeping, coffee certainly won’t help, and not to mention it’ll stain your teeth just like smoking
  • And if you mistake your tea-bag for a bag of rat poison, that’ll just ruin your day

11 – Eggs,


  • There’s a reason people tend not to promote raw eggs in your traditional breakfast line-up, and that’s because of a typical problem we refer to as salmonella
  • Most raw eggs contain this, but the more you find in the egg, the higher your chance to get sick
  • It’s recommended to put your eggs inside the fridge the moment you get home from buying groceries, and also make sure to cook the egg until the yolk looks firm – unless you just want some time off work


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