15 Disturbing Facts You’ll Wish You Didn’t Know


From bacteria in your food that has evolved to sugar soaking every one of your favourite drinks, we count 15 facts you would actually rather not know about

15 – The Lake of Drowned Bodies,


  • Lake Tahoe is found in the Sierra Nevada mountains and it’s actually quite popular when it comes to tourism
  • Lurking beneath the depths is a graveyard, since the lake is so cold, people who drown here don’t float to the surface – they simply sink to the very bottom
  • And because of the lake’s deep elevation, divers can’t go down to find those bodies without special equipment, but it’s been said to harbour thousands of bodies all perfectly preserved in the waters depths

14 – Antibiotics Aren’t Working Anymore,


  • I found it scary when I went to the doctors to get some additional antibiotics for my throat, only for him to refuse because the entire world is starting to run out of antibiotics
  • Viruses are evolving so fast that we can barely keep up – last years vaccination for influenza is usually ineffective against this years bug
  • New diseases pop up daily transferred from apes, rodents, birds and swine – at the rate we’re going, people might start dying of polio, mumps or even smallpox within the next 20 years

13 – Jelly Beans Are Covered in Bug Feces,


  • There’s a reason the outer surface of a jelly bean is so hard, crunchy and shiny, and that’s because it’s covered in a material known as Shellac
  • Shellac is often made from the excretions of the female lac insect
  • An interesting little bit of knowledge to share next time you’re putting out a bowl of these things for your kids 7th birthday party

12 – Julius Caesar,


  • He was only 22 years old when some pirates came along to kidnap him with the intent on getting a ransom paid
  • But Julius was so charismatic that the pirates actually became friends with him, even insisting they double his ransom
  • He said he would crucify them when he was free, which the pirates laughed off, but sure enough when he was released, he raised a fleet, returned and crucified them all

11 – We’re in the middle of another Mass Extinction,


  • The 6th one to be exact – biologists have identified the traits needed to classify a period in Earth’s history as an extinction, and we’re causing it
  • Ever since humans began moving from continent to continent, large animals that survived for millions of years have disappeared
  • By hunting, destroying habitat, introducing new species and spreading disease, you could call us the biggest scumbag species in the history of the planet
  • Another relevant bit of knowledge to share at the 7 year olds party


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7 thoughts on “15 Disturbing Facts You’ll Wish You Didn’t Know

  1. Mr. Danger, with all due respect, you are way off on your “one can of this stuff [Coke] alone equates to more than the entire day’s recommended daily sugar intake.” This is a wildly mistaken claim.

    Mr. Danger, a can of Coke has 33 grams of sugar, which equals 132 calories. Many health organizations recommend that added sugars (apart from those naturally occurring in food and drinks) not exceed 10-25% (organizations vary on their recommendations) of your daily caloric intake.

    A 2,000 calorie diet (which is on the lower end for any adult) would mean a maximum intake of 200-500 calories of added sugar per day. Again, a can of Coke has 132 calories of sugar, far less than the recommended limit of 200-500.

    An active male aged 19-30 should have a diet providing around 3,000 calories per day, meaning that his max added sugar calories would be between 300 and 750. An active female 19-30 years old should have 2,400 calories per day, which means her max added sugar calories should not exceed 240 to 600.

    Mr. Danger, don’t deprive people of a can of Coke. It may not be healthy, but it isn’t sending anyone onto the Diabetes Express.

  2. Antibiotics are for bacteria, not viruses! Smallpox, Polio etc. are all viral diseases, which is why antibiotics will NEVER work on them. Antibiotics don’t do shit against viruses.
    Also, we aren’t running out of antibiotics. Bacteria are developing resistance to them which is why doctors are careful about how many antibiotics they prescribe, as the more you use them, the greater the chance they won’t work!

  3. The only reason you want to see someone argue against these points is so you could pick them apart. I love when people use the term ‘I loe2h#8e17;w&vn referring to things they hate. Dumbass.

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