15 Disturbing Scenes in Movies


From intense genital mutilation to dining on faecal matter we look at 15 disturbing scenes in movies

15 – Misery – hobbling,


  • Is your captive bestselling writer trying to escape? Well then does Annie Wilks have the solution for you!
  • This scene is an iconic one in horror for its visceral feel, we really are caught up in the deranged environment that Paul is captured in by his crazy fan. Then she brings out the sledgehammer and you feel your own ankles crack.
  • The fact that this is based on a real methodology of stopping miners from stealing diamonds adds to the disturbing nature of the scene making it a classic of gut wrenching cinema

14 – Invasion of the body snatchers – The final shot,


  • This might be the most tame in terms of content but the context is what makes it so disturbing
  • This is scene from the first Body snatchers remake is iconic for being terrifying. After a climactic and ambiguously ended climax we see our hero Donald Sutherland presumably still hiding among the alien duplicates. One of our other remaining human heroes’ spots him on the street and approaches. He turns to her and lets out a blood curdling alien scream giving us one of the most traumatising and disturbing endings for a film.
  • While the original Body snatchers ended on a similar bleak note, the 70s version out right kicks you in the nuts. To make matters worse the credits play with no music, letting you sit there in the dark with no hope or comfort to grab on to.

13 – Deliverance – squeal piggy,


  • Possibly the most well-known male on male rape scene ever put to film, so much so that “squeal like a pig” instantly conjures disgust.
  • What makes this so disturbing is how helpless our protagonists are, they are degraded and violated out of nowhere and we are forced to watch every gruelling minute. It’s harrowing experience that you just want to end, especially with the pig noises thrown in.
  • Surprisingly enough the nickelodeon show “Rocko’s Modern life” had a joke related to this scene in and episode, the things kid’s shows could get away with 20 years ago…

12 –Audition – vomit feeding,


  • This Japanese horror film features a number of disgusting and disturbing moments involving needles and tortured men kept in sacks.
  • The worst of these though is when said tortured sack man is revealed to our protagonist and Asami – his captor – vomits into a doggie bowl before feeding it the man.
  • It’s a brutal and disturbing scene that focuses on the joy Asami gets from keeping the man captive. Don’t watch this one on a full stomach.

11 – Un Chien Andalou – Slicing the EYEBALL,


  • This scene goes away way way back. Almost 90 years. Which says something about its unhinging nature.
  • Un Chien Andalou is a silent film by surrealists Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali. The film is a 15 minute series of images that make no sense with each other and that was intention. The most iconic though is when we see a woman’s eyeball sliced open by a straight razor.
  • It’s almost the first image of the film and considering the age and unflinching nature of the shot, eyeball juice coming out and all. That this would be hard for audiences to handle today let alone almost a century ago.


  • Creepy (47%)
  • Wat (19%)
  • Lewd (11%)
  • No (11%)
  • Epic (11%)