15 Dumbest Laws In The World


From wearing armoured clothes in certain buildings to currency you’re not allowed to step on, we count 15 crazy laws prohibiting you from doing ridiculous things for seemingly no reason

15 – Bulletproof Vest,


  • In New Jersey, America, it is illegal to wear a bulletproof vest while murdering someone, with the vest specifically referred to as a bullet-resistant body armour intended to provide ballistic protection
  • It is believed the law exists to further discourage people from murdering their fellow man, because apparently the threat of life in prison isn’t enough anymore – we need to systematically eliminate all clothing associated with the act of murder
  • Pretty soon it’ll be against the law to rape someone while wearing a helmet

14 – Silly String,


  • Another from America this time in Southington, Connecticut, a 1996 festival that turned into a complete mess
  • Pranksters went around spraying silly string at police, marching bands and cheerleaders – and it got so bad that the local community went out and legally banned the sale of silly string in shops
  • Parties and celebrations are now rather drab affairs where everyone has safe, conformist and legally-assigned fun where people don’t sneak in silly string attacks simply to take the piss

13 – Boat Ownership,

104_hawaii boat

  • We all know about Hawaii, the isolated island paradise resort, but did you know that if you lived there permanently – you must own and maintain a boat or be legally fined?
  • A lot of the time, people are fined simply because they can’t afford a boat, and the fine doesn’t exactly teach them a lesson
  • If you steal another person’s boat, you can escape future fines, and if you get caught, you now have a boat to sail away on
  • It’s the perfect system

12 – Dying,


  • In Sarpourenx in France, we find a village so against the thought of you death that they’ve legally forbid it from happening, but only if you don’t have a burial plot bought and paid for
  • Meanwhile in the Norwegian town of Longyearbyen, you can’t die unless you’ve made plans to get your corpse transported out of town, simply because the soil is too cold for bodies to decompose in
  • So if you’re against dying, I highly recommend you move to France or Norway and not organise your funeral – you’ll pay fines, sure, but that’s a small price compared to immortality

11 – Landmarks,


  • Rome is absolutely filled with iconic landmarks, but they also have a golden rule: don’t spill your gelato on the coliseum
  • It’s against the law to eat or drink near any landmark in Rome, purely because enforcers got so fed up with idiots spilling their gatorade all over the Spanish Steps that you now have to shell out several hundred dollars if you even APPROACH one with food in your hands
  • Also wouldn’t recommend busting out the silly string – they share Connecticut’s anxiety


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