15 Dumbest Movie Deaths


From multiple deaths by vegetable stabbings to evil soda machines bent on breaking your balls we look at the 15 dumbest movie deaths.


15 – Death by jaywalking – Meet Joe Black,


  • What happens when you don’t look both ways when crossing the street or wait for the signal to cross? Well if you’re Brad Pitt you turn into a CGI ragdoll before becoming death for an hour and a half.
  • This accidental death is the catalyst for the whole plot which is fine but how it happens is just stupid. Pitt walks onto the middle of the street and stands there looking back longingly at the woman he’s just been flirting with and then BAM! Hit by a van then BAM! Hit by a cab.
  • He’s not even rushing anywhere, he just saunters out to the middle of the road and gets run over. Well I guess that’s what you get for jaywalking you dumbass.


14 – Eating your vegetables – Shoot ‘em up,


  • In this cartoon-esque action film we have Clive Owen as Bugs Bunny, if he killed Elmer Fudd by taking that carrot and ramming it into his face!
  • That’s what happens to this one henchman who gets a carrot placed in his mouth and Owen punches it into the back of his head producing a hilarious but dumb death for the bad guy.
  • I mean seriously dude why didn’t you just bite down or spit the carrot out before he had a chance to punch you. Also these must be the strongest carrots on Earth, damn genetic modification. You’d never have that happen with organic.


13 – Thinking you are in an 80’s action movie – The Other Guys,


  • Yes ‘The Other Guys’ is a comedy and a pretty good one at that and yes this is a parody of the ability for action stars to survive impossible situations but it’s still a dumb way to die.
  • Believing your own hype enough that you can leap off a building into some bushes and walk away fine…even I think The Rock is smarter than that. But who knows maybe after living the life of an action hero for years you’d believe you could survive that fall.
  • But in all fairness it’s hilariously dumb and that’s the point so this is less of a criticism and more of a highlight for the film. So before you get all riled up angry YouTube commenter it’s the characters being dumb not the film.


12 – Corn to the back – Sleepwalkers


  • What is it with movies and thinking that vegetables are as strong as steel? Have I been buying the wrong corn for years?
  • Yes in this mediocre Stephen King adaptation one of our energy vampire werecat women things take the ear of corn and just uses it like a knife to kill one of the town’s police officers. She is even in a kitchen, a place that general contains actually knives. What were they all dirty so the corn was the next best thing?
  • I’m sure King intended you to be afraid of corn from now on but it’s just, so stupid! Lesson learned well not yet, we still have several more Stephen King deaths on this list.


11 – Being denied your blaze of glory – Star Trek: Generations,


  • From over the top stupid to insultingly stupid and lame. Yes it’s the dumbass falling off a bridge send off for the original mac daddy of space, James T Kirk.
  • This dumb more for the context of the situation, fearing that no one would see a Star Trek movie without Kirk some dumbass came up with the idea of bringing Shatner in just to kill him. Literally this was the only reason they brought him back. To kill him off in such bad fashion.
  • Well at least it was better than what they originally had happen, Kirk was shot in the back while basically doing nothing but test audiences reaction forced a reshoot. Seriously Shatner how could your ego allow you to do something so dumb.



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