15 Dumbest Movie Knock-Offs


From Indian rip offs of cherished 90s Christmas movies to Turkish takes on the final frontier we look at the 15 dumbest movie knock offs

15 – Transmorphers,


  • Here is where the modern term Mockbuster was born with film company Asylum launching its most well-known rip off film.
  • The poorly made rip off of Transformers which basically means it’s about robots piloted by aliens controlling Earth in the year 2309. Yeah you guys totally nailed knocking off Transformers.
  • Of course Asylum’s business model is all about making DVD covers to confuse the elderly into buying a movie that sounds like that one their kids are talking about. Since this knock off Asylum has made a killing releasing shitty movies that your grandmother will buy you for Christmas.

14 – Hari Puttar: A Comedy of Terrors,


  • Hey guys lets remake Home Alone in India many many years after Home Alone was popular. At least that’s what someone came up with in a board meeting and they probably got a promotion for it rather than being fired like they should have been.
  • Like any good Home Alone rip off it’s about kids beating up criminals trying to steal his dad’s secret million dollar formula. Why anyone thought it would be a good idea to rehash this film in 2008 is mindboggling.
  • Surprisingly enough Warner Bros. filled a lawsuit against Mirchi Movies but over the title being too similar to Harry Potter than anything to do with being a rip off of a 20 year old movie.

13 – Lady Terminator,

Lady Terminator : Original Cinema One Sheet Poster

  • Hey would you like to see a near exact remake of the Terminator except with magic and lots of dicks being shot off by machine guns?
  • Well that’s what a group in Indonesia wanted to see so they made it. Using a plot based around an ancient goddess that makes a vow to kill the great granddaughter of a man who defeats her vagina snake thing…..yeah this stuff is weird. Then all of a sudden it’s straight up Terminator rip off with the ancient Goddess possessing a young female anthropologist and hunting down the great granddaughter.
  • From techno club to the police station slaughter and even the eye removal scene Lady Terminator hits all the beats of James Cameron Sci-Fi classic. Just with vagina snakes and crotch shots.

12 – A*P*E,


  • While it’s normally Japan who is well known for its giant monster movies, Korea also has some to sate your desire for destruction with this King Kong rip off.
  • A*P*E features great fights between the giant primate and a giant great white shark along with a giant python that has absolutely no explanation. Maybe this thing happens all the time in South Korea.
  • Truly A*P*E was just too big a film for our small cinematic world, forever remembered as that terrible King Kong rip off where the ape flips off the audience.

11 – No. 1 of the Secret Service,


  • Made in the 70’s to exploit the popularity of Roger Moore’s James Bond, this rip off has to be seen to be believed.
  • The story is about Charles Bind, the Secret Service’s number one agent who must protect some people from being assassinated with his duel revolvers and machine gun. Amazingly there’s also a sequel to this rip off called The Man from S.E.X
  • The film also features Jon Pertwee better known for his role as the third Doctor in Doctor Who. Maybe he should have used the TARDIS to stop this movie from being made.


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