15 Dumbest Sports Ever


From sports that combine chess and boxing to games played atop an elephant, we count 15 of the dumbest games ever turned into competitive sports

15 – Crab Racing,


  • This is a sport found in the Buccoo Village of Tobago, and even though you might laugh at it – to the village this is serious shit with jockeys, training and selective breeding
  • The crabs are harnessed and prodded to get them to run in the correct direction with crowds cheering the winner
  • Once the race is concluded, the people are rewarded with a dinner of fresh boiled crab – usually made from the contestants themselves

14 – Cheese Rolling,


  • Cooper’s Hill near Gloucester (gluster) in England sees a wheel of cheese tossed down a steep hill, and a bunch of people falling down trying to snag it
  • It has now become a world-famous event with contestants from a whole manner of countries, and it’s also notorious for how many people get seriously injured running down the hill
  • The race was actually delayed in 2005 when all the ambulances stationed there had to return to the hospital, because you know a sport is good when so many people get injured to the point that you literally run out of ambulances

13 – Bassmaster,


  • This is a sport on ESPN that features the exciting and competitive world of fishing
  • Between the weigh-ins to the exhilarating rush of sitting on a boat waiting for something to happen, it’s hard to believe this sport isn’t as popular as football or rugby
  • People have claimed they’ve turned off the television, gone out for lunch, come back and nothing has happened – almost makes you wish someone would throw a block of cheese down a hill to spice things up

12 – Chess Boxing,


  • Exactly what it sounds like, a chess board is set up in the middle of a boxing ring and two players duke it out in 4 minute rounds
  • After those 4 minutes, they’re required to stand up and engage in a boxing match for 2 minutes – the winner is declared based on whether you’ve been knocked out or suffer a checkmate
  • The idea for this actually came from a graphic sci-fi novel from 1992 – because that’s where all good ideas come from

11 – Ferret Legging,


  • This is an endurance test in which you open your pants, drop a crazy ferret in there and see how long you can last
  • It’s been described as a dying and sometimes illegal sport, but even so there have been multiple events held in a variety of countries
  • The world record for this sport is just 5 hours and 30 minutes – but these days there’ s a lack of contestants, mostly from complaining wives


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