15 Dumbest Ways to Die in Video Games


From pressing the wrong button to being distracted by nothing in particular, we count the 15 stupidest ways to die in video games.

15 – Minecraft: Digging straight down,

  • The game straight out warns you against doing this in one of the tips in the loading screen but you still went and did it, I mean what’s the worst that can happen right?
  • You’ve got full diamond armour, an enchanted diamond sword and a whole bunch of cool stuff to protect you against anything you come across.
  • Well that is, apart from lava which will destroy everything you own on top of killing you, well done, you just killed Steve.

14 – Trying to use the same controls you used in the previous game you played,


  • You went on a big binge playing a long game with a bunch of intricacies that you learned through and through, now you’re done and you move on to the next game, it might even be the sequel to the game you played.
  • But even if it’s a sequel things change from one game to another and you keep instinctively pressing buttons that ultimately screw you over.
  • This happened to me a lot when going from Dark Souls to Dark Souls 2, pressing circle on long ladders has killed me more times than I’d like to admit.

13 – The Legend of Zelda: Attacking the chickens for the second time,


  • It was funny the first time, you didn’t really mind dying thanks to the comedic value of being slaughtered by a brood of chickens and it’s not like you really lose any progress from dying right?
  • Then you get curious: how many strikes does it take for a chicken to call its friends to destroy you?
  • Turns out it’s one more than you thought and you die again; this time it goes past the realm of entertaining and deep into the realm of embarrassment.

12 – Attacking a much higher level enemy,


  • Usually a the level number being replace by a skull and a red glow around an enemy is a warning, a call for prudence, but this time you treat it as an invitation for a challenging fight.
  • To your credit you actually last pretty long against the enemy, but your evasion skills are not perfect and you take some big hits, and by big hits I mean a slight graze that instantly sends you to the grave.
  • Was it worth it? Not really, maybe next time you should listen to the game’s obvious warnings.

11 – Using an AOE attack on yourself in a CRPG,


  • So you’re used to MMOs and modern RPGs but you’ve played them all and decide to go back to the classics, or maybe you’re playing one of the new games like Pillars of Eternity.
  • A lot of the games in the genre will warn you about AOE attacks’ ability to harm you and your party but out of instinct from playing so much WoW (or whatever) you use it right on top of you when you get surrounded.
  • Your death comes swiftly and you look at your monitor for a while and wonder why you were even born.


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