15 Everyday Inventions Created By Accident


From wallpaper cleaner turned into a children’s toy to laughing gas that nobody knew could stop you from feeling pain, we count 15 innovative creations created by the craziest of accidents

15 – Potato Chips,


  • A creation that only became reality when a chef in upstate New York called George Crum had a customer continually sending back his plate of fried potatoes, claiming they weren’t satisfactory
  • George got so fed up that he thinly sliced the potatoes and deep fried them until they were crispy – simply to spite the customer, but in a bizarre twist, the customer LOVED the potato chips and asked for more
  • After that, potato chips suddenly became a huge thing in the snack industry, simply because a chef was pissed off at an annoying customer

14 – Corn Flakes,


  • 1984, the Kellogg brothers ran a hospital and health spa in Michigan in which they advised clients to abstain from meat, alcohol, tobacco and a whole manner of things deemed unhealthy at the time
  • They substituted caffeine in coffee with granola, and one day when cooking some wheat they were called away only to come back and find the wheat stale – but they still put it through the rollers
  • Out came wheat berry flattened into thin flakes, paving the way for the cereal we know today as corn flakes
  • Later the company would shy away from the “healthy” breakfast line-up to focus on outdoing the sugar-filled competition with Honeycomb and Waffle Crisp Corn Flake flavours

13 – Play-Doh,


  • It was originally a wallpaper cleaner, a successful one at that, but after people stopped using coal to heat their homes in the mid-20th century, wallpaper stayed clean
  • The owner of the company quickly though up an alternative to their product with help from his sister-in-law – to market it as modelling clay for children
  • They took out the detergent ingredient, added a pleasant scent and a variety of colours and Play-Doh became what we know today

12 – Chocolate Chip Cookies,


  • 1930, a woman was baking a chocolate dessert when she realised she’d run out of traditional chocolate – to substitute, she dumped in Nestle chocolate chips
  • To her shock, the chocolate chips didn’t melt into the cookie, but stayed relatively solid – her initial disappointment gave way a few years later when Nestle offered a deal to use her company name in a line of the world’s first chocolate chip cookies known as Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels
  • The recipe went on to become a staple in restaurants and kitchens across the globe

11 – Velcro,

velcro (1)

  • 1950s, A Swiss man named George de Mestral walking through the countryside, annoyed that those little sticky plants known as cockleburs were all over his clothes
  • He got home and took out a microscope only to find these things actually had microscopic hooks which latched onto the fabric of his clothes
  • He then took this information and devised a material that might be used to keep things easily stuck together without adhesive or tightness – hence the idea of Velcro was born


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