15 Fastest Things of all Time


From revolting reboots to pathetic attempts at innovation, we count 15 of the worst video games of all time.

Intro –

  • From animals that are made for speed to the fastest movement we know of, we count the 15 fastest things known to mankind.

15 – Fastest Human,


  • Usain Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter that holds the world record for both the 100 and 200 metre sprint by running at 44.7 kilometres per hour.
  • The thing that’s remarkable about Usain apart from his running speed is his last name, Bolt, I mean it seems like he was designed to be faster than any other person at any cost.
  • In addition to loving some reggae (he is Jamaican after all) Bolt loves him some cricket and claims that if he weren’t a sprinter he’d love to play cricket… as a fast bowler, of course, what else could he be with a name like that?

14 – Fastest Underwater-Animal,

Shutterstock – retrorocket
  • While we don’t really know that much about the ocean at large, we do know that the Sailfish is the fastest that we’ve found so far and it destroys Bolt’s speeds with a tremendous 110 kilometres per hour.
  • The sail that gives it its name has nothing to do with how fast it swims, but instead has to do with appearing larger to predators, while it’s already big at an average of 1.35 metres long, there’s always going to be a bigger fish, that is unless you’re a whale.
  • The sailfish has a major advantage in the ocean, it doesn’t taste any good to people and isn’t popularly used in any ‘medicine’, thus keeping them away from the ever growing endangered list despite their being a popular trophy fish.

13 – Fastest Land-Animal,


  • The cheetah is faster than the sailfish, but only by 10 kilometres per hour, but that shouldn’t detract from appreciating its amazing speeds when it sprints.
  • Just about everything in its anatomy has evolved to facilitate its running speed, however, it can’t run fast for very long so it needs to be relatively close to its prey before beginning the hunt.
  • Even though I most definitely wouldn’t want to be its target, the cheetah is relatively poorly equipped to deal with predators, their main defence against them is to simply run away.

12 – Fastest Animal,


  • Now we come to the pinnacle of speed in the animal kingdom, the Peregrine Falcon, which can achieve 389 kilometres per hour, well over triple the cheetah’s maximum speed.
  • These falcons are incredibly adaptable and can be found nearly everywhere on Earth except for New Zealand and in close proximity to the north and south poles.
  • They mostly feed on other birds, but will occasionally eat small lizards and mammals, their main downfall is pesticides, which have driven them to endangerment in various areas around the world.

11 – Fastest Land-Vehicle,


  • Now we come soaring from the skies and back onto the ground with the ThrustSSC, which holds the world land speed record at 1,228 kilometres per hour and was the first car to officially break the sound barrier.
  • Although you can hardly call this vehicle a car when you look at it it’s more of a Jet that was designed to stay on the ground than a car that you might drive to the shop, or even on a race course as I doubt it could take a corner.
  • The engine in this thing is so powerful that when attached to an appropriate vehicle it could hold a hundred passengers for a range of over 3,200 kilometres.

10 – Fastest Missile,


  • The BrahMos is the fastest missile on Earth with a max speed of mach 3, that’s over a thousand metres per second, that’s roughly three times the speed of your average bullet, if this thing is coming at you you’re not going to dodge it unless you’re the Flash.
  • Of course there is a downside to this missile, it can’t go inter-country or any of that nonsense but it can still go pretty far, it has a range of 300–500 kilometres, not too shabby.
  • But the blistering speeds just aren’t enough for India, they’re currently working on an improvement that will increase its speed by more than double with the new version going mach 7 or 2382 metres per second.

9 – Fastest-Manned Vehicle,


  • This is the fastest a human has ever gone, ever, unless we somehow came from a group of aliens that is, and in order to achieve speeds of over 11,000 metres per second we had to go to the moon, because the fastest manned vehicle is the Apollo 10 spacecraft.
  • That’s right it wasn’t the Apollo 11 because it didn’t actually land on the moon and instead orbited it, allowing it to retain the velocity of its original launch and slingshot out of Earth’s orbit.
  • Apollo 10 was also the first mission to broadcast colour TV live from space, which is also pretty cool, but let’s face it the fact that it almost got to the moon but didn’t stop definitely detracts from its cool factor more than a little.


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