15 Games that Deserve a Remake


From half-forgotten games that were never released in the west to classics that everyone has already played, but would gladly play again, we count 15 games that deserve a remake.

15 – King’s Field 1–3 (PlayStation),


  • The Kings Field games are made by From Software and are the spiritual predecessors for the Souls series, most people haven’t played King’s Field 1 as it was only released in Japanese.
  • If they got a fresh coat of paint, translated from Japanese and revamped controls they’d almost certainly be well received world-wide.
  • The games were brutal first person action games where you traversed, got lost, found treasure and died over and over until you finally got good.

14 – Silent Hill (PlayStation),


  • The first Silent Hill was a resounding success, but for better or for worse it was also missed out from the Silent Hill HD remake collection.
  • I mean sure, the HD collection did more harm than good but that doesn’t mean that Silent Hill doesn’t deserve a graphics upgrade.
  • With P.T. level graphics you’d get to crap your pants over rusty shit and thick fog all over again, and think of the children who would get to watch their favourite Swedish let’s player act all scared over it; there’s money is to be made here, that’s for sure.

13 – Warcraft III,


  • It wasn’t easy deciding which RTS Warcraft deserved a remake the most, but when it comes down to it the Warcraft 3 engine produced some of, if not the best modding experience known to gaming (yes even better than TES).
  • Unfortunately the StarCraft 2 map maker was two steps forward, three steps backward so if Blizzard re-released War3 with updated graphics whilst keeping the same engine, good things will happen.
  • However, the map maker isn’t the only good thing about War3, the single player campaign is one of the best RTS experiences: with little stagnation of gameplay, good progression and a story that kick-started WoW it more than deserves to sparkle.

12 – Vampire the Masquerade – Bloodlines,


  • One of the most beloved cult classics held back by its date of conception along with a litany of bugs, glitches and an all-round lack of polish.
  • Graphics and technical difficulties aside it’s a fantastic game that definitely holds up by today’s standards, every RPG fan should give this game a try.
  • If this game were remade to fix its flaws it has the potential to be a perfect 10, just remember not to open it when you give it a shot.

11 – The Banjo Duology,


  • Banjo Kazooie and Tooie are two big reasons why many people look back at the Nintendo 64 fondly, of course the problem with the N64 is that it has terrible graphics standards and even worse controls.
  • Both of these problems could easily be fixed if it were made using modern graphics and controllers.
  • Hopefully when they remake it they’ll keep the elusive penis island in for all to enjoy.


  • Epic (39%)
  • Wat (22%)
  • Creepy (17%)
  • Lewd (11%)
  • No (11%)