15 Games that Deserve a Remake


10 – Mother 1,

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  • Everyone and their Mum loves Earthbound and Mother 3, but very few have the chance to play Mother legally and even fewer have the chance to enjoy it in full.
  • Mother 1 wasn’t released in the west, so you need a Nintendo Famicon as well as the ability to speak Japanese to be able to play it and enjoy the story.
  • Not only that, but Mother 1 is also a rather old game and as such it has poor graphical fidelity and limited game mechanics, both problems could be made right with a remake.

9 – DOOM 1 and 2,


  • DOOM is still a great game to this day, running and gunning your way to a key-card whilst fighting off a horde of demonic sprites is a lot of fun.
  • All that really needs to be done to make DOOM a better modern game is making it 3D, or at least put in HD sprites.
  • Putting in the option to turn on the ability to aim up and down would also be good, but please don’t add in pointless ‘modern’ features like iron sights or reloading.

8 – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2,


  • The KOTOR games are some of the best RPG experiences out there, they gave a brand new perspective of the Star Wars universe and the plot for both games was genuinely quite good.
  • However, the combat is simplistic at best and while the graphics are stylised enough to keep the game from suffering too much from age, they would do well with a higher polygon count, better post processing and higher resolution textures.
  • Oh and it’d be great if they could put in the proper ending to KOTOR 2 that the developers originally intended.

7 – Metal Gear 1 and 2,


  • Hideo Kojima hinted at the possibility of a remake of these games before he got fired out of a canon by Konami.
  • He explained himself that it would be an ideal opportunity to resolve plot inconsistencies in the games’ storylines.
  • Of course there’s also the fact that it’s made to run on the NES and it had graphics that were described as ‘acceptable’ at the time, translating that into today’s standards of course means they look like a painting made from diamond dog turd.

6 – Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter,


  • This game has some of the most fun dogfighting multiplayer in any space sim, the main problem is that it’s a pain to get to run on modern machines and it has bad graphics, this makes it hard to convince friends to play it with me.
  • So if someone could remake it with higher fidelity graphics and include support for a windows version later than Windows 98 I’d be incredibly grateful.


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