15 Games that Suffered Because of Cut Content


From alternate dimensions you travel to when you sleep to mind bending paint that lets you walk on walls and ceilings, we count 15 games that suffered because of cut content.


15 – Half Life 2,


  • Yes the game is great, but a decent amount of the files in the Alpha stage were leaked, causing the game to be completely changed and delayed quite a long time, but obviously not nearly as long as Half Life 3 has been.
  • The game was supposed to be much darker where the Combine were more obviously draining the oceans for minerals and replacing the atmosphere with noxious gases.
  • In addition to this, the style was meant to be much more Orwellian with heavy influences from 1984, Dark City and Blade Runner, which honestly sounds quite a boot cooler than what we got.

14 – Quake,


  • Everyone’s favourite arena shooter, but it wasn’t always that way, in fact this game was originally planned to be a fantasy game, but thanks to a split in authority in the company the game was retooled to be another shooter instead of the game Romero wanted to make.
  • The fantasy game involved Lovecraftian horrors for bosses as well as being based on a DnD campaign run by Id software themselves.
  • Even the shooter wasn’t without its cuts, with a freakin’ awesome chain-lightning gun being removed from the final product, however, unlike Quake 3 Arena’s grappling hook there’s very little remaining of this gun in the game’s files.

13 – Grand Theft Auto V,


  • Driving is a big deal in these games and GTA V even introduced a new driving skill to level up, but originally there was also going to be a mechanic skill that would have added more depth to driving over pedestrians.
  • Heists! GTA V’s main feature, did you know that originally there was going to be another single player heist where the three main characters dressed as clowns in order to steal artwork and a rich guy’s wife?
  • There was also vigilante missions, drug dealing and pimping, but for some reason these were cut, maybe because there was just too much destruction and amorality, just kidding, it was almost certainly because of time constraints.

12 – Minecraft,


  • Before Mojang decided to include The End another alternate mission was planned, this one involved having a random chance to go to a sky dimension after you fell asleep populated entirely by floating islands.
  • There’s also a bunch of unused potions like dullness, fanciness, artless, bland and oh so much more, I just want to throw artless potions at people and watch them struggle with making their house prettier than mine.
  • Perhaps the biggest of the cut content is the alternate, much higher poly, characters that had a lot of character and look completely different to what we have today, however, Notch felt that they didn’t fit in with the rest of the graphics and I say that this is a shame.


11 – Portal 2,


  • Originally there was a type of paint that allowed Chell to walk up walls and ceilings, but it gave the play testers motion sickness and was too confusing, however, since Valve has some notoriously simple play-testers we’ll probably never know if it was actually any fun.
  • There was also meant to be an additional fizzler field that removed paint instead of portals, maybe this was put in to clean up the ‘paint’ made by the motion-sick play testers?
  • There’s a modeless ‘chicken’ object referred to in the game files and a giant chicken found in the concept art, I can’t even comprehend why they’d remove this: who doesn’t love giant chickens?

10 – Final Fantasy Tactics,


  • Even though the final game has an insane amount of depth and playability there was a bunch of hidden content removed that still remains in the final product’s files such as six unused battlefields, one of which containing a unique tile ‘road’ that enhanced geomancers.
  • There was also eight different jobs removed from the final product, some of which you can access using gameshark.
  • On top of removed features there’s also a battle removed where your characters faced off Folmarv alone in the Airship Graveyard right before he turned into Hashmal.

9 – Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver,


  • While still a great game the end feels pretty rushed and this is because they planned it to be way bigger than was feasible and they were forced to cut out 17 entire areas, leaving 22 areas that weren’t scrapped.
  • In addition to those areas there was also seven NPCs, 11 abilities and four bosses removed, unfortunately the way too high ambition of the devs also led to the ending being left with ‘to be continued’.
  • The original ending involved Raziel being imbued by Kain’s soul, allowing him to overcome any obstacle, the elder god then directs him to the Silenced Cathedral where he overcomes a horde of vampires before activating a weapon that destroys all vampires on the planet.

8 – Fallout: New Vegas,


  • Freeside was supposed to be a much bigger area with no loading screens between its subsections, it also had a lot more NPCs, however, this area proved far too big for consoles and caused memory and performance problems.
  • Another area that was sacrificed because of consoles was the strip, which was also one connected area as well as being a hell of a lot bigger with 2/3rds of the original dialogue planned for the area being cut.
  • The ending of the game wasn’t supposed to actually end your playthrough, instead there was meant to be postgame content showing off the player’s choices and how they affected the world, which sounds like a really nice rewards for beating the game.


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