15 Goriest Deaths in Movies


From prison wardens being ground into mince-meat to an uncouth use for a fire extinguisher we look at the 15 goriest movie deaths

15 – The other kind of wet dream – A Nightmare on Elm Street


  • Yes the kind of dream that involves being turned into a torrent of blood and unbelievably this is where Johnny Depp got his start – Being murdered by a supernatural child molester
  • This kill makes the list simply because of the unrealistic amount of blood that flies out. It’s about the same amount of an entire blood bank that’s being used to repaint Depp’s room here
  • Still it’s cleaner than what film critics did to Depp’s career after seeing Mordecai.

14 – Bad day at the office – Robocop


  • While most would pick the mutated mess that Emile becomes at the end or Murphy’s execution it feels much more in tune to pick that nameless corporate dickhead who gets turned into mince meat by Ed-209
  • The victim of deadly electronics glitch, this guy ends up having the worst day in any executive’s career. Originally the scene was cut short in the theatrical version to get a rating but thankfully has been restored in future releases
  • Still at least dying in such a horrible way saved him from being in Robocop 3 where surely Mr Kinney would have been decapitated by robot ninjas

13 – Warden is the best at kung fu! – Riki-oh


  • What happens when you take a Japanese manga and cross it with some Hong Kong martial arts? You get Riki-oh an insane, comically gory movie.
  • There are plenty of over the top gore moments to pick from in this but the end fright with the warden involves hulk like transformations, stomachs being punched out and a final bloody meeting with a meat grinder for the warden
  • We see the ground beef that was the warden pour out the other side as Riki rips of his, triumphant and smelling like a slaughterhouse. Not gruesome but damn entertaining.

12 – Throwing up your guts – City of the Living Dead


  • Two teens making out in a car…at night…what could go wrong? It’s only an Italian horror film about the gates of hell being opened by a priest hanging himself
  • Turns out puking up your intestines is just one of the things that go wrong, as well as eye bleeding and skull crushing. Worst date ever.
  • While this gets unconvincing towards the end, the creepy stare from satanic ghost priest and the music sell this over the top horror kill. Well that’s what happens when you don’t bring the right protection.

11 – Bullet to the head – Maniac


  • Again another date in a car at night but instead of puking up insides it’s a point blank shotgun to the head.
  • Effects Guru Tom Savini plays the victim whose whole head flies apart in glorious slow motion as blood splatters all over his date’s pretty white dress
  • This one is pulled off so well it’s believable that they just killed off one of the greatest SFX artists just to get the shot. Hell Savini is crazy enough to do it as well.


  • Creepy (51%)
  • Wat (19%)
  • Epic (12%)
  • Lewd (11%)
  • No (8%)

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