15 Greatest Video Game Exploits Ever

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From a tank that flies by shooting its load, to using a bucket as a method of theft, we count 15 of the greatest video game exploits of all time

15 – Mega Man 1: Pause Trick,

1 Megaman 1 Golden Devil

  • Killing the Yellow Devil in Megaman 1 is no easy task, that is, unless you decide to bitch out and use the pause trick, which allows you to slay the devil in the cheapest and quickest way possible.
  • Since Capcom couldn’t think of a use for 4 different non-directional inputs, Megaman 1 has two pause buttons, select and start.
  • To perform the exploit you just fire a shot at a boss, pause the game with select when the shot hits the boss, wait, un-pause the game, and the boss will take more damage from the same shot. Rinse and repeat until the boss is 8-bit custard.

14 – Super Mario Brothers: Infinite Lives,

384 × 360 - youtube.com

  • This exploit involves precision, turtles and a stocky plumber and bouncing up and down whilst creating new little guys.
  • In order to pull off the exploit you need to go world 3-1, find the stair case with two koopas on it and bounce on the second one at just the right place so that you keep jumping up and down automatically. At this point you can sit back, relax and do a little dance.
  • Despite the name ‘infinite lives’, if you go over one-hundred-and-twenty-nine lives the game begins to glitch out and suddenly your lives will count as negative, so you probably shouldn’t get too excited from watching Mario have fun with the turtle and actually pay attention.

13 – Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Extra Bottles,

800 × 465 - zeldadungeon.net

  • Bottles in Hyrule are an incredibly rare commodity, using this exploit you can crash the economy; to complete this glitch all you need is a bottle, a beetle and another item.
  • First you need to find some beetles and equip a bottle, next you need to start to scoop up the beetle, then pause the game and replace the bottle with an item you no longer need.
  • Tada, you now have an extra bottle that you can capture a fairy with and forcefully take its life-force/magic.

12 – Super Metroid: Sequence Breaking,

Arm pumping 1

  • Super Metroid is one of the most popular games to speed run, and from this has come many time saving exploits such as ‘Arm Pumping’: that’s right; you can pump your arm so hard you skip an entire boss.
  • Arm pumping can be performed by rapidly changing between aiming diagonally and normally, this gives you extra speed and makes you look baller as fuck.
  • Other sequence breaking exploits include, ‘the green gate glitch’, the ‘Mock ball’ and ‘damage jumping’. However none of those exploits help you get ripped.

11 – Civilisation V: Give Me Everything,

Trade agreement 01 trade screen 01

  • There was a period of time after the release of the Brave New World expansion where you could force the enemy into trading everything they had, even in multiplayer, this led to many rage quits and tears.
  • To take everything they had you just had to wait for the enemy to initiate a trade with you, then you modify it to suit your needs and accept it for them.
  • This exploit no longer exists in the current version of Civ five, but that doesn’t mean that the pleasant memory of a useless multiplayer has faded.


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