15 Hardest Choices in Gaming


From choices where nobody wins to figuring out what your online persona is, we count 15 of the hardest choices in all of gaming.

15 – Bioshock – Harvest or Rescue,


  • In Bioshock you’re pretty quickly confronted with a serious choice, do you want to be altruistic and be less powerful? Or do you want to be evil and have an easier time at the game.
  • The little sisters don’t exactly look pleasant, but all in all they’re still little girls and killing them, even though it’s a video game, isn’t an easy thing for many people to do.
  • Luckily, even if you don’t kill them, you end up being able to get everything, but not as quickly as if you take their ADAM.

14 – Dragon Age: Origins – Killing or Sparing Loghain,


  • Loghain is the cause of a lot of mayhem in Dragon Age, he kills off most of the Gray Wardens, including your mentor, as well as just being an all-round crazy person.
  • But still, the death penalty for being crazy is a little harsh to most people, in fact most of the time when you choose mercy in a game you’re rewarded with good points and your good guy crew will appreciate it.
  • However, if you don’t kill Loghain the righteous member of your crew, Alistair, will leave you group for good, making the choice all the more difficult.

13 – Choosing a Starter Pokémon,


  • Sure in the later games not all of the Pokémon’s aesthetics will please you, but most people like at least two of the first-gen Pokémon.
  • It’s not like it’s a matter of which is more powerful, because let’s face it, Pokémon isn’t a difficult game.
  • On top of everything else, you really want to have every Pokémon, I mean that’s the point of the game right?

12 – Persona 4 – Choosing the Killer,


  • Generally, in a video game when you’re presented with a choice, you’re given a short list of people to choose from, but not in Persona 4.
  • In this game you have literally every named NPC as a choice for who the killer is, thus forcing you to have paid attention to all of the clues across the length of this long as balls game.
  • Of course, everyone and the dog has had Persona 4’s ending spoiled and knows that Adachi is the right choice, but when you take that meta-aspect away from the decision it’s definitely a hard choice to make.

11 – Choosing a Name,


  • Taking away the games that have an officially named main character, it’s not easy to go through every name you know and applying it to your avatar, especially when you take online RPGs into consideration.
  • Sure, some people always go with their real name, but honestly, where’s the fun in that?
  • The choice gets super hard in MMORPGs when just about every worthwhile name is taken, including your favourites, that is unless you’re one of those people that just adds a bunch of X’s to the beginning and end.

10 – Spec Ops: The Line – Soldier or Civilian,


  • Choosing which innocent person to kill is a real kick in the morality bollocks, I mean this whole game is a bunch of horrible things, but luckily you didn’t actually make the hard choices.
  • Of course, there’s the other aspect where you can take on an entire army in order to save them both, but this is frustratingly dull and difficult.
  • If you do choose to kill either prisoner Adams will be angry at you and the game will give you the ‘Damned if You Do’ achievement, if you kill the oppressors Konrad will call you insubordinate and the game will give you the ‘Damned if You Don’t achievement.

9 – L.A. Noire – The Golden Butterfly,

maxresdefault (2)

  • In this game you have to try and read facial expressions, read between the lines of speech and evidence to come to a conclusion on who committed which crime.
  • But this case leaves most people unsatisfied, I mean sure one the suspects is a paedophile and should be in jail, but it doesn’t actually feel like either of the suspects is guilty.
  • So no matter which choice you make, you don’t actually feel like you’ve carried out justice and done the best job possible.

8 – Fable II – Sacrifice, Love or Wealth,

maxresdefault (3)

  • Despite the lack of a boss fight, this game has an ending worth remembering, the final choice in the game has you choose between money, saving your family and loyal dog, or saving the lives of thousands of people.
  • If you want to be good, ignoring the DLC, losing your dog makes certain achievements impossible, but then if you don’t choose the sacrifice option you don’t make the noblest choice possible.
  • Even if you want to be evil, losing the dog gives you a post-game disadvantage that few people would want.


  • Epic (30%)
  • Wat (27%)
  • Creepy (18%)
  • No (13%)
  • Lewd (12%)