15 Horrific Human Experiments


10 – Irradiating Soldiers,


  • But are you sure radiation is bad? Because I’m still not convinced, I think we should test it on another group of unsuspecting victi- I mean patients.
  • Much earlier though, during the Manhattan Project, it’s reported that US scientists secretly injected a number of soldiers with both uranium and plutonium in order to test just what the hell it would do floating around the body.
  • Apparently only 5 of the 18 subjects lived more than 20 years after having weapons grade surplus forced into their bloodstream. But I’m sure that’s just a coincidence right?

9 – Infecting Guatemalans with STD’s,


  • Alright guys we need to know if penicillin really is the cure for syphilis, so let’s turn loose some prostitutes in a Guatemalan prison.
  • At least that’s what some evil bastard thought was the best way to observe the effects of syphilis and its treatment. 1,500 of the Guatemalans who were purposefully infected were not given any treatment. Y’know so researchers could observed the difference between them and those being given treatment.
  • But that’s only a third of the people infected so that’s just fine. It’s not like 80 people died from syphilis…

8 – “The Chamber”,


  • Ah the cold war, the threat of war means is alright to test poisons on prisoners yeah? At least in Soviet Russia it was.
  • Taking gulag prisoners and exposing them to a number of different poisons like Ricin and Digitoxin was all in the day to day for those in The Chamber. Soviet Secret Police were searching for a poison that would be totally undetectable and killing all those prisoners did eventually give it to them.
  • C2 as it was called would kill within 15 minutes and according to witnesses would somehow cause the victim to become shorter. I feel like the Russians made C2 up just to justify all the prisoner poising.

7 – MK Ultra,


  • Meanwhile what were the CIA doing during the cold war? Sending people on mind control drug trips of course!
  • MK-ULTRA is a pretty well-known and almost mythical experiment where the CIA gave lots of people LSD without telling them and then sitting back and watching the resulting trip. One operation had the CIA setting up fake brothels and then drugging prospective clients.
  • There’s a lot more but these are just some of what wasn’t destroyed when the program was shut down. While slipping some LSD may not be the most evil thing on the list we know it was just the tip of a seedy and drug fuelled iceberg.

6 – The Aversion Project,


  • Don’t want homosexuals in your army? Well South Africa worked out the most diabolical way to be a homophobe.
  • Using army chaplains to flush out homosexuals, the project then would send them to a hospital where they would be subject to electroshock and chemical castration to cure them. And if that didn’t work they would forcibly change the sex of the person before sending them back into the world.
  • There’s no words for how ridiculous this is, you couldn’t just discharge homosexuals from service? Sure that’s still intolerant but it’s better than surgically altering someone’s sexual identity, talk about a dishonourable discharge…..


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