15 Incredible Lost Films we Eventually Recovered



  • From Andy Warhol’s fan film of a comic book hero to a real life hero chasing down trucks to save films we look at 15 Incredible Lost Films we Eventually Recovered.

15 – Batman Dracula,


  • What? Batman fought Dracula? Or is Dracula? This sounds all very very confusing but what do you expect from Andy Warhol.
  • Shot as part of an art exhibition the film predated the 60’s Batman television series making it the first known film to feature a campy as hell caped crusader. The film was thought lost until scenes were shown in the documentary “Jack Smith and the destruction of Atlantis”, showing Smith as The Batman himself.
  • Meaning it was probably sitting in his garage the while time. But hey if I made an unauthorised Batman fan film I’d probably bury it too… Please don’t go looking for it.

14 – Too Much Johnson,


  • Oh 1930’s silent cinema, will your vaguely sexual puns ever stop? Well they will if we lose all the film prints.
  • Too Much Johnson was the work of then 23 year old Orson Welles who was just a few years away from making Citizen Kane. So how could such a prolific director’s work get lost for 80 years? Well the film was actually meant to be screened in between parts of stage show as an early multi-media experience.
  • Buuuut it technical difficulties lead the film portion being shelved and the stage production being nonsensical without the film half. Too much Johnson was found in Italy in 2013…along with the film print. Eyy I can make puns to 1930’s, take that you silent bastards.

13 – Wake in Fright,


  • An awesomely dark film about the horrors of living in the Australian outback that managed to vanish like a foreign backpacker?
  • Until 2009 the only known print was deemed too damaged to be used to restore the film so the original editor decided to go on an epic quest to find the film negative which he did…only after a decade of searching.
  • Restoring and re editing the film, it was re-released to cinema’s in 2009 where it won critical acclaim. Which is fortunate considering the negative was found in a can marked “For Destruction” it’s clear that somebody didn’t like it.

12 – Wings,


  • Surely the first film to win an academy award for best picture would have been locked up in a vault from day 1 right? No? For fucks sakes guys you had one job.
  • How such a massive hit of a film was left to rot away to nothing is a mystery but I’d say it’s probably because well…people back then didn’t really care. Except for one person Paris who had archived the film in their vault and once found a new print was quickly duplicated.
  • At least someone had the sense to think “hey maybe this will be important to keep” rather than “Oh man, film burns so good and i’m all outta firewood”.

11 – Double Confession,


  • Okay so a film where the first Doctor has Peter Lorre as a psycho henchman somehow disappeared from the face of the Earth.
  • The British film about a man hunting for his wife’s murderer was fairly standard fair for 1950 leading to it failing through the cracks. Hell if a best picture winner can go missing then an average crime thriller has no chance. Last being seen on TV in 1962 until it hit the BFI’s 75 most wanted films.
  • I guess that triggered someone to find it in their attic. Poor William Hartnell, the BBC wipe half his Doctor Who episodes and now his movies disappear, must be the Meddling Monk at work…And about 5 people are gonna get that joke.


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