15 Intense Celebrity Scandals


From celebrities secretly fathering children with the housekeeper, to actors that blame the world’s problems on an entire race of people in a drunken haze, we count 15 times famous figures from TV, film and music have walked into a PR blunder single-handedly.

15 – John Travolta

10th Annual Living Legends Of Aviation Awards

  • It wasn’t too long ago that a masseur filed a $2 million dollar lawsuit against Travolta due to alleged homosexual assault and battery
  • It apparently took place in a massage session at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and soon afterwards another masseur stepped up to claim the same thing happened, but then they dropped their legal action and the case was dropped
  • In the 90s Travolta was also accused of something similar against an adult film producer who claimed they’d shared a two year relationship – once again though, they retracted their story soon after

14 – Marilyn Monroe and JFK


  • We all know JFK was a legendary womaniser, with the facts only coming out following his death, but far less discussed is the rumoured relationship he shared with Marilyn
  • The former president of the United States invited her around early 1962 to his home in Palm Springs with Lady Jackie conveniently absent, with guests observing they were intimate, flirtatious and spent the night together
  • However, Marilyn’s troubled childhood filled with abandonment issues and sexual abuse left her vulnerable, falling for JFK who only saw her as a sex object
  • She sank into alcohol and drug abuse, her life over that same year with her death ruled a likely suicide

13 – Pee-Wee Herman


  • That old character from Pee-wee’s Playhouse, a children’s show created by Paul Reubens
  • Everything was going fine but then in 1991, he was caught greasing the monkey in a porno theatre out in public
  • He retired the character basically on the spot, but has slowly brought it back over the years until in 2002 when was caught with nude teen photos in his home, which he claimed were just vintage erotica

12 – Julianne Hough

34th Annual People's Choice Awards - Red Carpet

  • It was a joke that turned into a social justice frenzy when Julianne showed up dressed as Crazy Eyes from Orange Is The New Black wearing the highly racist blackface
  • It only took moments for photos to appear on the internet and everyone went crazy, to which she apologised numerous times, clearly unaware about the backlash this kind of thing always generates
  • The actual actor who plays Crazy Eyes even stepped up to say, it was just unfortunate, but she apologised so let’s move on please

11 – Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie


  • Assuming you don’t live under a rock, you’ll have likely seen the cover to any gossip magazine with this love triangle printed on the front
  • Brad and Jennifer were married for seven years before Angelina moved into the picture during the filming of Mr and Mrs Smith
  • Not one year after the divorce, Angelina was pregnant with Brad’s baby with several more both adopted and Jolie’s as time went on
  • Though Jennifer has her life back on track, she makes it no secret she still loves Brad Pitt


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