15 Legendary Mummified Bodies & How They Got There


10 – Lady of Dai,


  • A Chinese mummy from 2,100 years ago in the Western Han Dynasty, known to be the best preserved ancient human ever found
  • The mummy is so complete that it’s actually baffled scientists around the world, dead around 50 years of age with heaps of precious goods and fine fabrics inside her tomb
  • In 2003 a secret compound was discovered injected into Xin Zhui’s still existing blood vessels that apparently assured her preservation – but still a mystery

9 – German Mummy,


  • This one wasn’t found underground, or atop some lonely mountain – it was found by a 10 year old boy in his grandmother’s attic
  • Inside the sarcophagus was a complete death mask, a jar used to store organs and other artifacts
  • Its authenticity has been called into question multiple times, but nobody can deny it would’ve been the creepiest thing ever to know you’ve been sleeping underneath a preserved dead person for god knows how long

8 – Vladimir Lenin,


  • One of the more well-known figures from Russia, basically the founder of the Soviet Union who, in 1918, survived two separate assassination attempts in the same year
  • On the first, he got away unscathed but the second he was shot at least two times -and though he survived, he suffered strokes the following years and ended up basically paralysed
  • His body was embalmed and now on exhibit in the Lenin Mausoleum in Moscow, though in a recent poll from 2012 48% of the population believe he should be buried

7 – Tjayasetimu,


  • Known to the ancient Egyptians as a star singer, this seven year old girl from 3,000 years ago was a member of the royal choir for the pharaohs on the Nile
  • It is believed she might’ve died from a short illness, possibly cholera, and it seems to be a rare example of elaborate mummification including a veil, golden mask and gilded sarcophagus
  • It’s not clear why it was not build for her size of 4 feet, but perhaps they simply misjudged her height during construction

6 – Caucasian Chinese Man,


  • A 2,000 year old mummy found in the Tarim basin of Western China, a man with blond hair and a long nose – quite unlike typical mummies found in the region
  • In 1993 we learned the DNA of this man came from European stock, and early Chinese texts do mention far-east Caucasian nomads such as the Bau, Tocharians and Yeuzhi
  • It’s unknown how he ended up there though


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