15 Lost Treasures You Can Still Find That’ll Make You Rich


From lost jewels in decades past to mysterious skulls that may explain the origins of man, we count 15 of the rarest treasures you may or may not still be able to find in the world to this day.

15 – The Amber Room


  • It was described as the eighth wonder of the world, an 11-foot hall filled with priceless artworks and amber gold-lead-edged mirrors inlaid with precious jewels
  • It was created for King Friedrich the 1st and later given to Russia’s Peter the Great in 1716, it’s value? 142 million in today’s currency
  • But in 1941 Nazis assaulted Leningrad and claimed the Room, putting it on display at Konigsberg Castle
  • 4 years later, when Konigsberg surrendered, the room was gone, vanished
  • Was it destroyed? Hidden? Where is it today? Nobody knows.

14 – The Alamo Treasure


  • San Antonio, the famous American battle of 188 men including Jim Bowie and Davey Crockett attempting to fight off a Mexican army from Santa Ana
  • It was believed that in order to wage this revolution against Mexico, the Texans brought millions of dollars worth of treasure in order to fund their own army
  • However, all 188 men were killed at the Alamo and knowledge of the treasure was lost
  • Theories suggest it was buried beneath the battle compound but excavations revealed nothing
  • Nobody knows where this treasure lies

13 – King John’s Lost Crown Jewels


  • The twelve hundreds, King John liked collecting and stealing priceless items of jewellery and gold for both himself, his guards and soldiers
  • On the 9th of October 1216, John travelled to Norfolk but halfway across the marshes he grew ill with dysentery, so he returned to Newark Castle on a longer, safer road
  • His treasure on the other hand, it took a shorter more dangerous road through the marshes, but it got trapped by the rising tide and drowned, forever lost – and John died not 10 days later
  • The 70 million dollar collection of jewels was never found

12 – Peking Man


  • A famous historical and archaeological find in the early 1930s – the only evidence of Homo erectus pekinensis at the time, a type of proto human from 780,000 years ago
  • During World War 2 it and many other priceless ancient human bones were shipped to the United States via boat, but it never reached its destination
  • It was assumed the boat had been sunk in 1945, with all treasure still lying somewhere on the ocean floor
  • Thankfully, 4 of the teeth made it to the Paleontological Museum of Uppsala University

11 – The Barber Dimes


  • This one is famous among coin collectors; it’s considered to be the rarest coin in American history – even though over 4 million of them were made
  • The story goes, when the shipment was being delivered to Phoenix from Colodaro, treasure hunters accidentally tipped the wagon train into the Black Canyon – leaving only a dozen currently in existence
  • Whoever finds the coins will find themselves in wealth exceeding 3 million dollars


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