15 Most Advanced Robots Ever Invented


From bionic men made of synthetic parts to a metal band entirely composed of robots, we count 15 quirky, complex robots from all over the world

15 – Romibo


  • This is a remotely controlled, self-balancing robot designed for children
  • Basically, it’s a social creature that gets little kids with autism who might have problems talking to adults the opportunity to learn vital language skills – and it even offers therapy with speech, gestures and face-tracking
  • This is like Furby if Furby had any use other than to stare at you with large, creepy eyes

14 – PR2


  • Like a robot from the Twilight Zone, the PR2 can basically do any household task you want it to providing you can enter the information on a phone app
  • It’ll clean your dishes, flip pancakes over a stove, do the laundry and deliver kettles to widowed old ladies
  • It comes with cameras, a colour stereo view, grip sensors, onboard servers and a real live consciousness that can hook up via wi-fi to contact other robots and plot a machine takeover of the world
  • All for the low, low price of $280,000

13 – Valkyrie


  • The latest “superhero” robot built by NASA coming in at 6 feet high, originally intended for use on the international space station
  • Today, the goal is to build these superbots to help human beings under attack by natural disasters, to swoop in and save them
  • It comes built in with recording and sonar equipment, several cameras and two breasts – because, why not?

12 – LS3 Quadruped


  • Ridiculously unsettling attempt at emulating work horses – four-legged machines designed to carry over 400 pounds of weight with relative ease
  • You can also use them for scouting, providing this hobbling horse-legged mess doesn’t scare off all animals, small children and burly adults in a one thousand mile radius
  • They were built to assist campers and mountaineers who might struggle with heavy equipment on rough terrain, and they can even steady themselves walking over a field of unstable rocks

11 – PARO

Paro Robotic Seal

  • Japanese company AIST develops a robotic seal used for therapy, much in the same way a cat or dog has a calming effect on humans, but without the responsibility or mess
  • It has a number of sensors used for assessing its environment, with a complex on-board computer that detects a humans reactions to noises or physical actions much in the same way a pet does – cuddle it, and it’ll squeak pleasantly, whack it, and it’ll cower
  • Guiness voted it the world’s most therapeutic robot

10 – AnyBots “QB”


  • This is a remote-controlled self-balancing virtual presence robot – which basically means, if you’re so lazy you can’t get out of your chair to attend a conference in some other part of the office, you can just send this robot munchkin to do it for you
  • It also has practical uses though – if you’re so lazy you can’t leave your house to check up on your kid dying from a lung disease at the hospital, you can just send this robot munchkin to go read him his last rites
  • You can also fit it with a gun and using your mouse and keyboard have it go fight wars for you, but this is frowned upon

9 – Rex the Bionic Man


  • This is one of the world’s first ever bionic man that can breath, walk and talk as we do – built from pieces of bionic body parts and synthetic organs, basically a robot version of us
  • It’s based on a Swiss psychologist Dr Bertolt Meyer who himself has a robot arm and presents the Channel 4 UK documentary about this very topic
  • The parts were donated by roughly 17 companies and organisations interested in seeing where the technology could lead

8 – Telebot


  • This one is still under development at the Florida International University, a robot that gives police officers who might have been injured or disabled the opportunity to get back on the job
  • It’s a half-sized, wheel-equipped robot that can drive down the road and keep an eye on the streets while cops remain at a safe distance
  • Packed with three cameras for a 360 degree view and sophisticated sensors, surely no criminal will notice this tiny, bright-white robot man suspiciously watching them in the middle of oncoming traffic

7 – Honda ASIMO


  • Widely recognised as one of the world’s most advanced and popular humanoid robots, this is the be-all end-all replacement to manual labour in the workforce
  • It also helps people confined to a bed or wheelchair inside their own home, and will even look down at you for natural conversation
  • It’s powered by a battery that only lasts one hour, so the key is to ask it to do something, watch it lose power, then lay in your bed and starve to death because you pinned all your hopes on a robot

6 – Morpheus


  • This is less of a robot and more of a way to control robots, but still advanced and fascinating
  • This is a swim cap fitted with electrodes called Morpheus, and it lets you control electronics using nothing but your own thoughts
  • While the tech is old, the ability to control robots using your mind without having those electrodes surgically implanted in your brain is pretty revolutionary
  • Just don’t wear this around sexy, sexy robots or they’ll pounce on you

5 – Compressorhead


  • This is an all-robot band from Germany that tour the globe performing live at concerts, you might’ve already seen their viral Ace of Spades video on Youtube
  • Originally the band was only composed of Stickboy, the drummer, with occasional go-go dancers, but now you have Fingers, the guitarist with 78 fingers, and Bones the bass player
  • They did a concert in Australia and have just finished some performances in Moscow

4 – Guardium


  • This is a machine designed by two Israeli firms, one that very much acts like a robot
  • It’s essentially a smart tank that patrols warzones and areas of interest, then, once it finds enemies, it deploys a series of onboard weapons and defends itself if need be
  • For the most part though, they’re most effective scouting in groups through tough, hostile areas to locate hidden enemies and report back to base
  • Then it takes on a mind of its own and you can’t beat it

3 – Porton Man


  • This is a robot mannequin designed purely to test chemical and biological protective suits for the UK’s armed forces
  • It performs simple actions to expose wear and tear in the suits by running, sitting, kneeling and a whole manner of typical functions for any soldier
  • The benefit is, if biological warfare DID break out, we’d have an army of robots to force the enemy into submission by walking, running slightly and sitting on the battlefield

2 – Throwbot


  • You treat this as a grenade, one that won’t explode in your face
  • You throw it towards an enemies hiding position and let the Throwbot roll over there resistant to dust and water, then scout out their locations
  • It only weighs 1.2 pounds and comes equipped with a HD camera and infrared sensors – optionally you can attach a grenade to it and let it ACTUALLY explode but typically blowing up your own super-expensive equipment isn’t so clever

1 – BEAR


  • This is a goddamn mechanical bear robot with tank treads that charge through the battlefield, explosive and fire resistant, pick up a wounded soldier and return them to base
  • It’s so advanced that it can hold up to 230 kilos of weight, but with enough delicacy to hold an egg without breaking it
  • All you need to do is fit it with some guns, nuke launchers and a bandana and I guarantee the BEAR would fire wars on its own










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