15 Most Common Nightmares


From being trapped in a tight place to having your naked body scrutinised, we count fifteen of the most common nightmares!

15 – Spiders,


  • Many of us find spiders terrifying in waking life – I mean, poisonous fangs, sticky webs for immobilising prey, and all those hairy legs just waiting to crawl all over you. It’s not surprising our fear of arachnids follows us when we go to sleep.
  • But spiders in our dreams are more than just a literal scary presence; they’re said to represent controlling forces that have come into your life. They’re a primitive, symbolic dream that is said to be our subconscious’s way of dealing with manipulation.
  • For men, spiders often symbolise difficult relationships with women, usually bosses, wives or mothers. For women, spiders can represent oppressive male figures, such as brothers, fathers or even lovers.
  • Regularly stalked by dream spiders? It might be worth looking at your relationships.

14 – Injury or Malformation,


  • People who dream of being injured or wounded often feel weak in their personal lives. If your dream self suffers painful bone-breaking accidents, or wakes up with horrific scars or deformities, it could mean your brain is trying to alert you to some vulnerability that needs addressing.
  • Broken limbs are symbolic of other ‘broken’ aspects in your life. It could mean you’re feeling powerless or suffering low self-esteem, or maybe you need to find financial independence or make amends with someone.
  • You’d think that if your brain had something important to tell you it would do it without being so damn cryptic, but, no, if you want to sort your life out you must solve this five-part dream riddle.

13 – Drowning,


  • Drowning has got to be one of the worst ways to die. Being trapped underwater, watching helplessly as your life force slips away … I couldn’t think of anything worse.
  • Often a drowning person will panic, which exacerbates the problem, causing them to waste precious oxygen. It’s not that surprising then that drowning in a dream can mean you’re feeling overwhelmed by your emotions.
  • Since life can be a lot like that cruel mistress The Ocean, drowning dreams can also represent putting all possible efforts into something and receiving nothing in return.
  • Some drowning dreams are easier to interpret; some represent a simple fear of water.

12 – Losing Teeth,


  • Losing teeth is another dream that signifies how riddled with insecurities we are. This dream is extremely commonly in cultures all over the world. It usually means we’re anxious about others judging us.
  • Freud thought losing teeth meant a person was sexually repressed or desired to be nurtured. But that’s kind of Freud’s go-to diagnosis … He won’t be happy until everyone’s openly in love with their own mothers.
  • Having teeth fall out or crumble can also represent financial worries, issues with vanity, and rebirth – like how losing your milk teeth makes way for your new and improved adult teeth.
  • No one’s nailed down a definitive meaning for this very common dream.

11 – Falling,


  • Nightmares about falling often represent relationship or career issues. They’re especially common for people in positions of power, like employers, parents or role models, and are said to be our mind’s way of working through abuse or emotional trauma.
  • Some argue that falling dreams are primal remnants, evolutionary leftovers, from our primate phase.
  • That horrible feeling dreamers experience right before plummeting to the ground at terminal velocity represents a negative occurrence in your life. Sometimes it’s intense enough to physically wake you or bolt you upright.
  • Fortunately that rumour about dying in real life if you hit the ground in a dream is untrue. Unless Freddy Krueger pushes you off a cliff. Then you’ll probably die.


  • Creepy (37%)
  • Epic (25%)
  • Wat (20%)
  • Lewd (10%)
  • No (8%)