15 Most Disturbing Scenes in Video Games


From cutting off fingers in incredibly gory ways to surgery performed whilst the subject is still conscious, we count the top 15 most disturbing moments found in video games.

15 – Bioshock Infinite – Elizabeth Torture,


  • Just when you thought that Bioshock Infinite couldn’t make you any more uncomfortable they dropped this bomb on you.
  • After being teleported around in time and space you walk up to a window where Comstock is performing surgery on Elizabeth whilst she’s still awake.
  • After you’ve fought your way to her you have to pull a giant needle that appears to be attached to her spinal cord, however, it’s probably fine because Elizabeth seems to be a masochist because even after all that she still wants her corset to be as tight as possible.

14 – Knights of the Old Republic: Forcing Zaalbar to Kill Mission,


  • In the earlier Bioware days they handled moral choices in a very extreme way, your choices boil down to either being a paragon of ultimate justice or the antagonist in an eighties slasher film and this decision is arguably the worst bad karma decision in a Bioware game.
  • The game builds up the relationship of Zaalbar the Wookie and Mission the Twi’lek as them being best friends, however, if you choose the dark side choices you’ll get to a point where you can force Zaalbar to kill Mission.
  • This moment is horrible even for a Bioware bad karma choice, however, if you’re not feeling like an anarchic teenager you can still be evil without being the lowest of the low and kill her yourself.

13 – Silent Hill 2 – Pyramid Head and the Mannequin,


  • The Silent Hill series has many disturbing scenes but none top the one where Pyramid Head, the representation of the protagonist’s dark desires is raping mannequins in a dark, rusty room.
  • This scene has been panned by many as over-the-line, and it’s easy to see why, possibly the only reason it wasn’t removed is because the act was performed on inanimate objects instead living people.
  • When you first see the scene it’s almost comical thanks to the ragdoll physics of the mannequins, the comedy, however, is quickly replaced with a slight sickness and a deep pondering as to why you’re playing the game in the first place.

12 – Outlast – Finger Removal Scene,


  • We’re all very attached to our fingers, many forms of torture focus on fingers and this scene shows you a side that you don’t really want to see of your fingers: the inside.
  • Seeing the bones jut out from the stub where the rest of Miles’s finger used to be is disturbing in many different ways.
  • The Whistle Blower scene from the Outlast DLC goes so far beyond disturbing that it shouldn’t be viewed by any but the most hardened of people, so it’s been emitted from this video even though it’s far worse than anything on this list.

11 – P.T. – Bathroom,


  • T. took the internet by storm, thanks to a combination of the popularity of horror let’s plays and the newness of the PS4.
  • The scene that still disturbs me and many others from PT is the initial bathroom scene; the sight of a deformed crying foetus is not a pleasant one.
  • The foetus in the sink in a filthy room filled with cockroaches added up to an unsettled mind and a collective of soon-to-be mothers feeling uncomfortable about what was growing inside of them.


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