15 Most Embarrassing Moments in Gaming History


From people acting like twats on the internet to games that should never have been made, we count 15 of the most embarrassing moments throughout the video game industry’s history.

15 – Reaction to Mass Effect 3’s Ending,


  • Yes the ending to Mass Effect 3 sucked donkey flaps, it came out of the left field, ignored all of the choices the players made up to that point, was poorly written and worst of all it just didn’t make any sense.
  • But that’s the way the world works, sometimes people produce shitty pieces of art, I mean I get that people really like the previous entries, hell I really liked them too, but to write a petition asking Bioware to change it to something better is nothing more than an embarrassing tantrum.
  • Although the fans weren’t the only ones that acted childishly, Bioware reacted to the fan outrage with a smug superiority that only made matters worse.

14 – Daikatana,


  • Daikatana sounded amazing and people had every reason to believe in John Romero’s game design decisions since he produced games like Doom and Quake, both amazing games even by today’s standards.
  • So when the development process took much too long because they wanted to have the latest technology we just waited for it with bated breath.
  • However, what came out wasn’t even a jack of all trades, it was a contrived mess of poor design decisions that was so bad that everyone felt betrayed and the industry as a whole was embarrassed to see someone who helped make such amazing games create one of the worst AAA games of all time.

13 – Trusting Peter Molyneux The Second Time,


  • Not everyone was duped by Molyneux’s outrageous promises for Fable 1, but many of us were and with good reason since he had made such great and innovative games in the past like Black and White and Dungeon Keeper.
  • But I don’t think we had anyone to blame but ourselves when we believed the second set of lies for Fable 2, sure Fable 1 could have been a hiccup caused by a lack of development time or something, but really at that point we should have known better.
  • The worst thing about the whole debacle was that the games (except 3) weren’t even bad and if Molyneux had kept his fat trap shut no one would have felt betrayed and the mere mention of the games wouldn’t make us wince.

12 – The Rhythm Game Crash,


  • Pretty much everyone loved the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games, it was one of the few cases where a plastic imitation peripheral actually made a game much better than it would have been with more traditional methods of control.
  • In theory it’s not a bad idea to upgrade the controller in order to make a better experience, but maybe they shouldn’t have released them so quickly and frequently, or at the very least charge a lot less for them.
  • But that wasn’t the real issue, the problem was that they shoved so many games down our throat that stores refused to stock the new games, so in the end we all got incredibly burned out on the whole concept and with few exceptions the entire sub-genre of instrument based rhythm games died out.

11 – Duke Nukem Forever,


  • You’d think we’d have learned our lesson from Daikatana, but nope, if we’re deprived of something, even if it’s essentially more of the same in an over represented genre, we want it even more.
  • But it’s not just that we eagerly bought a sequel to a game that was essentially a clone of another, it was that the game was just so incredibly mediocre.
  • If it weren’t for the fact that there was so much hype behind it, no one would have really paid the game any attention, it would have slipped under the radar and that would have been that.

10 – Nintendo’s Failed Attempts at Innovation,


  • Before you get angry at me, Nintendo has achieved many amazing things: they brought gaming back from the dead, they managed to create motion controls that actually resonated with people and they focus on gameplay above all else.
  • However, that doesn’t mean that we should ignore their honestly terrible ratio of good to bad innovations, I mean you’ve got the virtual boy, the vitality sensor, the power glove, the 3D effect on the 3DS.
  • Don’t get me wrong, I love me my 3DS but I’ve yet to meet anyone that actually thinks the 3D is anything but a passer-by gimmick, even with the eye-tracking on the New 3DS.

9 – Jack Thompson,


  • This one isn’t the gaming industry’s fault, we couldn’t really ignore him since he actively tried to ruin our hobby, but that doesn’t mean that his entire existence isn’t embarrassing.
  • For those of you who don’t remember, Jack Thompson was an American Lawyer who thought that gaming was evil and he had such little faith in humanity that he thought children would be brainwashed into acting out everything they saw in the games they played.
  • Luckily he’s gone and barely ever talked about nowadays, but he was still a pain to have around, making us all look like lunatics that could snap at any moment, if it weren’t for the fact that there’s no hot pockets in prison.

8 – The PS3’s Price and Controller,


  • Five-hundred-and-ninety-nine US Dollars, this was an exorbitant amount of money to spend on a game console, even pre-recession, it was past the point where it became a likely Christmas gift.
  • Then there’s the horrible controller that looks like a silver age batman gadget that has the strangely specific purpose of hypnotising an evil baby with its alluring noises.
  • With these two fuck-ups combined it looked like Sony didn’t bother with market research and figured that they knew best, not matter what.


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