15 Most Haunted Hotels


From restored ancient castles to a former military prison with history, we count fifteen of the world’s most haunted hotels!

15 – Cassadaga Hotel,


  • Cassadaga is a Spiritualist camp in Florida that is today recognised as the ‘Psychic Capital of the World’. The community was established in 1894 and is known for its amazing Energy Vortex and psychic mediums.
  • According to its website, Cassadaga Hotel is a charming and mysterious inn, and the destination of choice for those interested in the paranormal, the timeless grace of early 20th Century buildings, and those wanting a truly unique holiday experience.
  • The hotel proudly advertises that it is haunted by friendly spirits. The staff invites you to bring your camera along for a slow, restorative evening stroll. Many guests have taken unbelievable photos of spirit energies in and around the hotel.

14 – Russell Hotel, Sydney,


  • The Rocks, Sydney’s oldest neighbourhood, has a history of crime and debauchery, and is home to the famously haunted Russell Hotel.
  • The hotel once served as a hospital during deadly outbreaks of smallpox and bubonic plague, and later became a sailor’s hostel. It is said to be frequented by the spirits of colonial-era sailors and prostitutes.
  • Guests of Room 8 have reportedly woken to a dark presence looming over their bed, peering down at them. Others claim to have seen the ghosts of prostitutes wandering the hall, or doors opening and closing on their own. Reportedly, recent renovations on the old sandstone building have riled up the old spirits, with paranormal activity rising.
  • The establishment celebrates its chequered past by running ghost tours.

13 – RMS Queen Mary,


  • Built by the Cunard Line, The Queen Mary was the premier ocean liner for transatlantic travel, carrying celebrities and dignitaries. It was also used as a troopship during World War II.
  • In 1967, world-famous cruise ship The Queen Mary officially retired from ocean travel to become a floating Californian hotel.
  • Many aboard have died over the years, and these spirits are thought to roam the ship. Telephones ring at random, spectral women in 1930s-style bathing suits are seen around the swimming pool, and crying children are often heard in the night.

12 – Langham Hotel,


  • Said to be England’s first ‘grand hotel’, the Langham Hotel was built in 1865 and has hosted distinguished guests like Mark Twain, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde.
  • Despite its prestigious reputation, the hotel was immune to neither tragedy nor controversy in its 150 years of operation. This list of macabre occurrences includes a German prince leaping to his death from a window before World War I, and a man who killed himself and his wife on their honeymoon.
  • Other reported spirits include Emperor Louis Napoleon III, who spent some of his exile in the Langham; a man with a gashed and bloodied face; various butlers and footmen; a spirit in the basement; and a man in Victorian evening wear who only appears in October.
  • Room 333 is infamous for its spine-tingling supernatural activity.

11 – Myrtles Plantation,


  • Located in St. Francisville, Louisiana, this regal property was built on ancient Native American burial grounds.
  • At least ten murders have been committed in this hotel since the 1700s – including the infamous murder of William Drew Winter, who was shot on the porch and dragged his dying body up seventeen stairs before finally slipping away. According to legend, his apparition can still be seen.
  • Today, twelve ghosts call this B&B home. These otherworldly guests include a lady with curly hair; a Native American woman; children who like to play on the porch; a girl who always makes an appearance before thunderstorms; and Chloe, the slave girl who was hanged by fellow slaves after poisoning the house mistress and her two children.
  • There are also strange noises, blood stains that can’t be removed, cold spots, mysterious footsteps in the night, and handprints that appear at random.


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