15 Most Paused Movie Moments


From Disney Animators trying to warp the minds of children to psychically exploding heads we look at 15 most paused movie moments

15 – Nick Fury’s Grave in Captain America: The Winter Soldier


  • This is a fairly recent and not legendary paused moment but will get a laugh out of you if you love the cinema of Samuel L. Motherfucker Jackson.
  • In the Captain America sequel when we are led to believe that our favourite one eyed bald man is dead, the crew slip in a reference to Pulp Fiction on the badass mofo’s tombstone.
  • Yes the quote from Ezekiel is the same used in Tarantino’s masterpiece meaning that surely somewhere online someone has a valid theory on how Jules is actually Nick Fury.

14 – Peep show in The Rescuers


  • Disney are notorious for having secrets hidden in the background of their animations, however a topless woman in a children’s cartoon may be taking it a bit too far.
  • Yep in the scene where our heroes are riding on Orville’s back, just chilling flying through the city. Except for some reason one of the buildings has a photograph of a topless woman filling a random window.
  • It’s apparently only there for 2 frames of animation but it’s very noticeable, causing any curious person to rewind and pause to get some 70’s titties.

13 – The whiteboard in Cabin in the woods


  • Cabin in the woods is absolutely filled with horror movie homages from Evil Dead to Friday the 13th and Hell raiser, its horror fan’s wet dream of in jokes.
  • The best one though goes to the hilarious whiteboard of killer creatures that could appear and kill our heroes.
  • Ranging from Withes to Sexy Witches, it’s a great in joke that suits the tone for the horror comedy perfectly. Our favourite is the dreaded and fearsome KEVIN.

12 –The Butt in Eyes Wide Shut


  • This is one that had much more interest when it was released in 1999, mainly because people wanted to see Nicole Kidman naked a hell of a lot more back then
  • Kubrick’s final film about secret sex cults and marriage breakdown opens by showing us some glorious images of Kidman’s ass that would have had any 16 year old boy using the pause button like crazy.
  • The scene became so well known that the film really should have been retitled Eyes Wide Butt.

11 – The Masturbator in Teen Wolf


  • This old urban legend spread during the glory days of VHS basically went like this, “Dude there’s totally a guy jackin’ it at the end of that film where Michael J Fox is a werewolf man”.
  • This spread to every werewolf loving film fan and millions of copies were used to scan the last shot for the phantom masturbator. The truth of the situation is that while there is no meat beating there is someone with their fly clearly undone and trying to hide it, badly.
  • This obviously means they were masturbating because why else would you have your pants open while filming those sexy sexy basketball playing werewolves.


  • Lewd (49%)
  • Wat (22%)
  • Creepy (12%)
  • No (9%)
  • Epic (8%)

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