15 Movie Controversies


From firebombing fundamentalists to historically important films that are adverts for hate groups we look at 15 movie controversies.

15 – The Baby of Macon


  • Starting things off we have a little known film about virgin births and church appointed rapes followed by execution
  • This film is about a mother who claims to have given virgin birth to a miracle child. She then exploits the child to the townsfolk and after hijinks the church punishes the woman to 208 rapes then death.
  • This heart-warming obviously caused a stir with its depiction of the church and the brutal rapes being called the nasty and indefensible film. Really everyone knows you can’t go over 200 rapes.

14 – Cocksucker Blues


  • No this isn’t a porno film, it’s a documentary about the Rolling Stones. Specifically how drugged up they were in their heyday.
  • The film has footage of Keith Richards drunk off his ass for 90% of it and Jagger snorting coke. This didn’t go to well with the band not wanting anyone to see it, successfully getting the project silenced. Legally the film can’t be screened unless the director is physically present and no more than 4 times a year.
  • Much like ‘Let it be’ this documentary caught one of the world’s biggest rock bands with their guard down showing what it really is to live a life of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. Which shows the lack of foresight by the band in inviting a film crew into their tour, they must have been high as shit when they agreed to that.

13 –Cruising,


  • Serial killer in the gay ‘underworld’ of 1980’s clubs, how could this be controversial at all? This just good wholesome family entertainment
  • Surprisingly it wasn’t the conservative right pissed at this film but the LBGT community that felt the film painted a bad images of the community by focusing on the seedy nightclubs. The film was strongly protested by the New York gay community and disrupted filming on multiple occasions.
  • But disruption didn’t stop the film from getting made and was released to mixed reviews more so about it being an average thriller than anything to do with the gay bars.

12 –Crash,


  • No not the one about racism, the other one Y’know about sexualised car accidents. Well more that one where James Spader gets off to car accidents.
  • The film faced cuts in many countries including Australia but most laughably Westminster council in the UK were convinced to ban the film. But all that meant is that cinema goers had to drive to the next town to see the fetishized car crashes there.
  • Goes to show that if you want to show somebody ejaculating over mangled wrecks you should expect people to get a little bit upset.

11 – A Serbian Film


  • Perhaps the most controversial film in recent years, this masterpiece of cinema that features new born porn was surprisingly met with gasps and protests.
  • Well not protests but lots of bans and cuts in almost every country in the western world. No one wanting to be the person who allowed baby rape through the censorship board. Australia, New Zealand, Singapore hell even the Germans don’t want this on their shelves.
  • Obviously all this banning caused the film only to gain a higher reputation for all the controversy and we all know you downloaded it to your hard drive Germany.


  • Creepy (46%)
  • Lewd (17%)
  • Wat (15%)
  • No (13%)
  • Epic (9%)