15 Myths About Sleep


From sleeping pills affecting your health to alcohol that helps you sleep but with a few side-effects, we count 15 rumours in the world of sleep that simply aren’t true

15 – Catch up on sleep during weekends,


  • Most believe that if you don’t sleep much during the week, whether because of work, parties or otherwise, that you can recover this “sleep debt” with long weekend mornings
  • And while sure, your body can recover with one long night of sleep, the effect only lasts about 6 hours into the day before your body starts to shut down
  • This is called a chronic sleep debt, too much exhaustion spread over too many days to the point where you can’t actually recover without it affecting your own consciousness

14 – Lack of Sleep,


  • If you’re working 9 till 5, you’re likely thinking to yourself that even if you don’t get a full night’s sleep then it doesn’t matter because it won’t have any impact on your health
  • But the reality is: even one hour of sleep lost for a night can increase your risk of heart attack, especially if you’re sleeping less than 8 hours a night
  • Not only that, but for those perpetually sleep deprived, they’re at a high risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, obesity and depression

13 – Sleeping Longer,


  • Likewise, if you often sleep in and you think you’re out of the clear – think again – most who sleep more than 8 hours a night usually die younger than those that don’t
  • Studies haven’t shown any direct evidence for this, but most long sleepers suffer from depression, diabetes and sleep apnea – and it’s THAT which ends their life
  • So it’s up to you: do you want to deprive yourself of sleep, suffer a heart attack and die, or would you rather sleep in, get depressed, choke on your own snores and die?

12 – Hitting Snooze,


  • The entire purpose of a snooze button on alarms is to help you wake up slowly – and it works, right?
  • Well, studies have shown that even needing a snooze button shows you’re not getting enough sleep – that you should have the energy to wake up as soon as the first alarm goes off
  • Those in a regular sleep schedule shouldn’t need to hit the snooze button nearly as much

11 – Power Naps,


  • The thing about power naps is: they’re meant to be short. A full 20 minute rest when you’re tired can recharge your body, any longer than that and you’ll feel groggy unless you are, in fact, a human cat
  • And don’t get too used to it – if you do it too much, your brain will take this as a sign you don’t need to sleep as much at night, which’ll make it harder to nod off


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