15 of the World’s Weirdest Schools


From a school that teaches you how to defend against dark magic to classes taken in a subterranean bomb shelter, we count fifteen weird schools offering unusual educations!

15 – Elf School,

  • Move over Scientology, a belief in elves bumps Iceland up in the crazy stakes.
  • Get this: the country’s road crews hire folklore experts to determine which boulders are elf houses, and a member of Icelandic Parliament told the media he was saved from a car crash by – you guessed it! – elf magic.
  • With all this elf juice in the water, it’s not surprising the country has an actual elf school, where students learn the comprehensive history of elves and get a tour of supposedly proven elf habitats.
  • Graduates get breakfast and a signed diploma certifying them official elf experts. It’s actually a dual degree, though, ’cause it also certifies them the fucking mayor of Crazy Town!

14 – Cave School,


  • Miao village is a poor, mountainous area in China that receives very little government support.
  • Fortunately, the village’s residents know that when life gives you lemons, you make a goddamn cave school. Lacking the resources to build a proper school, the community instead set one up inside a nearby cave and called it Dongzhong Mid-Cave Primary.
  • This unique school catered to 186 disadvantaged students, many of whom travelled up to six hours a day just for the chance to learn something.
  • The school enjoyed twenty-three years of operation before authorities closed it in 2011. A government spokesperson said the closure was necessary because China isn’t a ‘society of cavemen’.
  • Hopefully the government is more open to volcano school.

13 – Subterranean School,


  • During the Cold War, America was a bee’s dick away from nuclear warfare. In preparation, the New Mexican town of Artesia built an underground school that could also function as a fallout shelter.
  • Except for its rooftop playground, everything about Abo Elementary School was underground. Its three 800-kilogram steel doors made it resistant to radiation and 20-megaton blasts.
  • The school contained decontamination showers; a morgue, generator and well; and all the food and meds a deranged survivalist could want.
  • Amazingly, most students had no idea they were spending their days hauled up inside a bomb shelter. I guess they thought underground schools were completely normal, like when a blind first date asks you to follow them down to their creepy basement.

12 – Freerunning School,


  • Are you sick of boring English and stupid Geometry? Course you are: that crap won’t help you in life. You already know that you want to be Sonic the Hedgehog when you grow up, and run loop-de-loops and up walls and shit.
  • The Tempest Freerunning Academy is the place for you. It’s an LA-based parkour paradise where students are taught how to run, jump, flip and climb through specially designed courses – useful skills for getting through life.

11 – Wizard School,


  • For those who tried to reach Platform Nine and Three-Quarters but got a broken nose and a sorting hat full of disappointment, the Grey School of Wizardry might be just the alternative you’re looking for.
  • Created by headmaster and Dumbledore doppelgänger Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, the Grey School of Wizardry is the first wizard school to be officially recognised as an academic establishment.
  • This Californian school has sixteen departments, including alchemy, beastmastery, horse-whispering and wand-making. It also has a compulsory Defence Against the Dark Arts class.
  • Like Hogwarts, students are split into one of four houses: the Gnomes, Winds, Undines and Salamanders. The Salamanders sounds like where all the bad students would be sorted, so expect the next evil overlord to come from there.


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