15 Online Scams You Might Get Fooled By


From emails in Nigeria to using you as a middle man with crime-procured bank funds, we count 15 sneaky, often devastating scams we’ll commonly find browsing the internet.

15 – Computer Cleaning Software,


  • We all remember the early days of the internet – browsing websites honestly, emailing friends, downloading 30 second porn clips from dodgy websites, the good old days
  • Then you get a pop-up, your computer has been infected with a virus, oh no! But it’s alright, just download this shifty looking .exe file and it’ll clean your computer
  • Yeah, it’ll clean it alright, it’ll clean the absolute living fuck out of it until nothing remains but a pile of electrified ash

14 – Online Pharmacies,

Online pharmacy

  • This is assuming you’ve already seen a doctor, and he’s prescribed some outrageously expensive medication so, the thrifty devil you are, you instead opt to buy the drugs online
  • In some countries the rules surrounding online medication are weak, so you’ll get a bargain but what will be delivered are expired meds, or just plain sugar pills, maybe even the wrong medication or a tub of delicious poison
  • Always recommended to consult your doctor about what websites are legit

13 – Scams on Gumtree/Craigslist,


  • This one is sneaky – you’ll find a post for this unbelievably well-priced apartment situated inside the White House, and the poster asks for money up-front, then you pay him and two years later you realise, whoops, maybe there WAS no posting to live in the White House
  • It can work the other way round too – you’re a landlord looking for a would-be renter, one you find who sends a check with way more money than you were expecting
  • So you send back the excess cash but, oh wait, the initial check bounced, and you’ve just given a stranger thousands of dollars cash
  • Well done

12 – Money Laundering,


  • This one is very much real and yet very much dodgy – basically, you get asked by a legitimate-looking company to let them use your bank account to received customer funds, then, you get a small cut of the income without even doing anything
  • Now, while this is indeed true, the reality is you’re getting a wave of crime-procured money delivered directly to you, thus, leading the police directly to you
  • This is laundering 101, using a middle man, you, as a body shield against law enforcement

11 – Lottery Scams,


  • We all get these things in our mailbox constantly – congratulations, you’ve won 7 million dollars in the Idiot Sweepstake, and now all you have to do is wire several thousand dollars to us in order to get the millions to you
  • So, naturally, you’re all like, OH GOLLY, I’MA RICH SONOVA BITCH, take ALL my money
  • Then watch with awe as your bank account empties and millions of dollars suddenly fail to appear


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