15 Outrageous Life Hacks


From a DIY universal remote to ­­­­­­a broken headlight remedy, we count fifteen totally absurd life hacks!

15 – Anti-Theft Lunch Bags,


  • For the office worker who’s tired of having their lunch stolen. Basically, you put your favourite goat-meat-and-eggplant sandwiches in one of these custom zip-lock lunch bags. The bag has mould drawn on the outside, so would-be thieves, fearing for their lives, won’t want to steal it.
  • The only downside is you’ll probably put yourself off the sandwich in the process. Still, short of lacing your food with rat poison, this is probably the best way to deal with lunch thieves.

14 – Popcorn Hoodie,


  • This backwards hoodie is a makeshift popcorn bowl that you don’t have to hold. It also has a huge catchment area at the front – perfect for slobs who aim to stuff twelve pieces of popcorn into their mouths but only manage six! Truly a new frontier for humanity.
  • As a bonus feature, it’ll also safeguard your virginity! No one will take it from you if you wear it.

13 – Spoon Lid,


  • Don’t you hate it when you want to eat a delicious tub of chocolate mousse but you don’t own any cutlery ’cause it’s against your Jedi religion?
  • Why not try this handy life hack: simply fold back the container’s peeled lid and fasten it into a dinky spoon.
  • Pretty sure this is what cave people did. Bear Grylls-approved.

12 – DIY Universal Remote,


  • These days we have remotes for everything: our TVs, media players, hi-fi systems, robot girlfriends … Keeping track of them all is one of the worst first-world problems out there. Seriously, there should be a change.org petition for it.
  • You could get one of those costly universal remotes – I mean, if you’re a sucker – but if that option’s too simple, or you’re a man who likes to overcompensate, try this bulky, cumbersome solution: just take an ordinary elastic band and tie all your remotes together!
  • Does the job and looks ridiculous. A delightfully horrible life hack.

11 – DIY Headlight,


  • So your robot girlfriend threw you out and you smashed your own headlight in a drunken stupor? We got you covered! Try this most likely illegal makeshift headlight modification.
  • Simply take all the torches you’ve stashed away for the impending apocalypse and duct tape them together. It won’t be able to compete with your car’s high beams, but it should help you see up to two feet in front of you. Perfect for swerving out of the way of pedestrians at the last second!
  • The only drawback is you’ll probably need about twenty-five batteries, which will probably set you back as much as a simple headlight repair, but nah, screw that, you’re all about the life hacks.


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