15 Paranormal Beasts That May Be Out There


10 – Dover Demon,


  • An alien-like creature only seen for a couple of days in the town of Dover, Massachusetts in 1977
  • According to a variety of eye-witnesses who encountered it, it was a goat-sized white creature with a watermelon-shaped head, bright glowing eyes, slender fingers and no ears, nose, mouth or sexual traits of any kind
  • It crawled all over the town before vanishing forever with popular theories being an infant alien, a genetically defected creature infant or a hoax

9 – Shadow People,


  • An encounter all of us have experienced at least once – the flickering shadow just on the edge of your vision while you’re in a bed, but when you turn around it disappears
  • Psychologists explain most of them away as caused by sleep deprivation or a side effect of drugs, but there have been examples of people near death who cry about shadow people approaching, only for them to choke to death on nothing
  • And considering how much we don’t know about dark matter in our universe, it’s possible there might be more to it than you think

8 – Mothman,


  • It was a 13 month period in the mid 1960s that we find the mothman, a seven foot tall scaly flying moth man who eats large dogs and has mind powers
  • The rumour goes it can channel information into a person’s mind, allowing them to receive ultra-terrestrial prophecies
  • Over 100 people saw the Mothman and one year later the Old Silver Bridge collapsed, with many believing it had come to warn them about the bridge

7 – Bloody Mary,


  • You’ll either know about this one from your childhood, or from one of the Paranormal Activity movies
  • How it works is, you stand in front of a mirror and chant the name Bloody Mary at least three times, and it’s believed she will appear to rip your face off, claw out your eyes, drive you insane, abduct you into the mirror or just plain kill you – naturally, she’s not giving you a huge incentive to chant her name
  • Some believe that if you survive the encounter, she’ll haunt you for the rest of your life

6 – Little Creatures,


  • Often compared to a real life version of Hobbits, little mole-like people who live in a secret world that we can’t see
  • They’re described as hairy, tiny 10 inch humanlike beings who surface to paralyse humans and steal their food or belongings
  • Around the world we hear stories about their appearance, from Mexico to Iceland, a world we share with a race of creatures with far advanced mental capability adept at staying in the shadows, leaving us to our own devices


  • Creepy (40%)
  • Wat (20%)
  • Epic (17%)
  • No (14%)
  • Lewd (9%)