15 Paranormal Beasts That May Be Out There


From mythical high-jumping demons stalking the streets of London to shadow people living just on the edge of your vision we count 15 examples of terrifying creatures ever to supposedly exist on our planet.

15 – Chupacabra,


  • A beast from Puerto Rico that, if reports are to be believed, hunts down farm livestock, drags them away and drains their blood through small incisions
  • According to eyewitness accounts, it’s around the size of a monkey, hops like a kangaroo with red eyes, quills and possibly wings
  • The sightings were so widespread across Mexico, Texas and South America that one newspaper claimed a creature was caught alive and handed over to U.S officials

14 – Drury Lane Ghost,

Theatre Royal Ghost

  • This is a very specific ghost found in the Drury Lane Theatre in London, and strangely enough it’s a welcomed ghost – in fact, its appearance is considered the highest compliment if it materialises following a successful show
  • It’s been reported that the ghost comes dressed in 18th century clothes with a long cloak, sword and powdered wig – possibly connected with a skeleton wearing a riding coat with a knife in its chest found inside theatre walls

13 – Banshee,


  • A screech in the night, you jump out of bed and look out the window only to see a blue transparent woman dressed in a dark grey hooded cloak staring back at you
  • It’s the sign that you’re going to die soon, an ancestral spirit appointed to forewarn you of imminent death
  • If a bunch of them get together to let out a wail across the night, it’s meant to signal the death of someone holy or of otherwise great importance

12 – De Loys’ Ape,


  • This is the story of Francois de Loys who was searching for oil on the borders of Columbia, when their numbers dimished due to disease and attacks by native tribes
  • According to the survivors who made it back, they encountered two large primates, one male, one female, who began howling at the group and throwing their own feces
  • They shot the female and forced the male to flee back into the woods
  • This photo is apparently the only one they ever took of the ape

11 – Horned Demon Cat,

Horned demon cat WW2, pencil sketch, 200 dpi, Ben Male

  • A story from World War II set inside a derelict house in London, upon which Howard Leland, hiding from German aircraft, was jumped by a tabby-striped cat that had a skull with two giant horns sticking out and red, flaming eyes
  • It jumped into the next room and vanished on the spot, its ungodly howl still echoing throughout the house
  • Howard made some enquiries and found that the house had a previous occupant that practiced black magic on cats before he hung himself, and that others had seen demon cats in the same area before


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