15 Parasites That May Be Inside You Right Now


From worms that slowly grow inside your intestines to parasites that live inside the back of your eyeballs, we count 15 gross and dangerous creatures that may be living inside you right now

15 – Wuchereria Bancrofti, (wookoreeria ban-croft-y)


  • A parasitic nematode spread by mosquitoes – if you’re infected and not treated right away, you may develop elephantitis, which I’m sure a few of you have heard about – the effects of which are on-screen now
  • You’ll mainly find these parasites in Central Africa, the Nile delta, South and Central America and the tropical regions of Asia including China
  • The symptoms you get will range from fever, to thickened, bloated skin and swelling\
  • There are currently no vaccines, but it is slowly getting eradicated – in 2011, Sri Lanka announced they’d completely eliminated the disease from their land

14 – Ascaris Infection,


  • One of the more common human worm infections, most commonly found in tropical and subtropical areas when hygiene is poor
  • They’ll migrate through your body, growing in your lungs during the larval stage, then pass up through your throat, swallowed, then breed in your stomach, eggs falling out alongside your feces
  • This all takes place in a 2-3 month period, so you’ll be well aware of the colony of parasites growing inside you, with some coming out through your nose and mouth – neither of which are very pleasant

13 – Spargana,


  • A super rare parasite that latches on to a body part, usually the brain, and feasts upon it for up to 20 years – with only vague symptoms like headaches or seizures
  • You’ll only find this around China, Korea, Japan, Thailand and some other Asian regions with only around 1000 cases in the last 100 years
  • You get it by eating undercooked bird, reptile or amphibian meat – or contaminated water if you don’t have access to modern civilisation

12 – Loa Loa,


  • This is another parasitic worm that lives inside the back of your eyeball for up to 17 years and believe me, you’ll feel it
  • It’s contracted from flies which injects the worm into your tissue, then it travels along your body until it stops and swells at a certain point
  • It’ll commonly find its way into the back of your eye, and at that point you’ll be able to both see and feel it worming around back there with the only treatment antibiotics or through surgery

11 – Candiru Fish,


  • Also known as the Vampire Fish, a cute little tadpole creature with a horrifying habit – allegedly to climb up your dick-hole and lodge itself in your urethra
  • It’s commonly found in Bolvia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru – according to reports, it waits until a human urinates over water before it jumps through the stream and worms its way into your body, using poisonous barbs to hold itself in place while it feeds on your fleshy membranes
  • One man even claimed it chewed its way through the ventral wall of the urethra and into his ballsack, but since it’s believed the fishes teeth aren’t strong enough to do this, this statement was never confirmed


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