15 People That Survived Living Nightmares


From inspirational stories of people who wouldn’t let serious misfortune keep them down to people that lived through an inferno of misery and barely made it out alive, we count 15 people that survived living hell.

15 – Kellie Mencel – A car, a boat crash and severe burns,


  • So Kellie had an unfortunate moment of weakness at the wheel of her car, she fell asleep and swerved straight into a horrible crash, while she was still trying to recover the shock and injury of a crash she went to her families lake house to relax only to have the boat explode.
  • The flames burned her severely and she had to relearn to walk and had incurred a pretty serious case of PTSD, when she got back to high-school her peers made fun of her pink skin and lack of eyebrows.
  • But this didn’t bring her down, instead of hiding in her home and letting life pass her by she achieved an amazing level of fitness and is now a fitness instructor who loves life.

14 – Roy Sullivan – Seven Lightning Strikes,


  • That’s right, there’s a man out there that has survived seven separate cases of lightning strikes, I mean how on Earth could you convince yourself to go outside ever again?
  • Yet this man still works outdoors in the Shenandoah National Park as a maintenance worker, this guy either this guy isn’t that bright or he has balls so big and dense that they might as well be element number 119 on the periodic table.
  • This isn’t the end to his sullivanium balls, he’s also fought off 22 different bears, one of which he had to fight off right after one of his lightning strikes.

13 – Michelina Lewandowska – Buried Alive,


  • So remember that awesome scene in Kill Bill Volume 2 where The Bride survived being shot and buried alive, but only escaped because she had all that training in Korea? Well this woman survived the real version of this and she is awesome.
  • Her psychopath husband decided to taze, bind, gag, put her in a box and then burry her.
  • She got out without any goddamn help or martial arts training, she cut the binding with her wedding ring because she had the willpower of a thousand suns and wanted to save her child. Someone should give this woman a medal.

12 – Rachel Shardlow – Box Jelly Fish Sting,

Avispa_marina_cropped (1)

  • The Box Jelly fish is the world’s most venomous creature and a ten year old survived what had previously been considered a 100% lethal dosage.
  • These things kill with potassium, not the banana kind, the kind that’s generally used in lethal injection and will stop anyone’s heart with a high enough dose, anyone that is, except for Rachel.
  • Unfortunately she has scarring and a bit of short-term memory loss, but when you take in the fact that she essentially survived an execution she’s not only well off, but an amazing example of humanity.

11 – Ken Henderson – Stranded at Sea for over 30 hours,


  • After Ken and Ed Coen’s boat started to sink they strapped their life jackets together and treaded water in the sea for what must have seemed an eternity.
  • But there was a problem, Ed started to hallucinate and had trouble staying upright, and Ken had to make a choice, he had to cut the strap between them and embark on the long and nigh-impossible task of finding his friend some help.
  • While Ken found a boat and saved his own life, he couldn’t save his friend’s, this guy had to make an incredibly tough choice that unfortunately didn’t pay off, hats off to him for surviving such an ordeal.

10 – Peter Siebold –Rocket Explosion,


  • Peter got his pilot’s license when he was only 16 and has been flying ever since, he has a career in test flying and was the only survivor of Virgin Galactic’s 2014 Space Ship Two VSS Enterprise crash.
  • He suffered multiple broken bones, eye damage due to low temperature and it’s still unknown if he’ll ever be allowed to fly again.
  • Peter doesn’t remember the majority of the crash because of sudden decompression at such a high altitude, what he does remember is suddenly waking up in the air, with a parachute on, with his best friend nowhere to be seen.

9 – Bahia Bakari – Oceanic Plane Crash,


  • Bahia was only 14 when her plane crashed into the Indian Ocean, the flame, water and wreckage took the lives of every other passenger on the plane, including her mother.
  • She had no life jacket and poor swimming skills, but she held herself above the vengeful ocean by clinging on to a chunk of the plane for over nine hours before being rescued.
  • She was flown back to what remained of her family and was an instant headline for surviving the deadliest sole-survivor crash since the dawn of aviation.


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